Best place to farm humanity?

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5 years ago#1
I have tried both the depths and under the bridge to the hell kite dragon and it seems like the rats under the bridge drop humanity more often. Anyone noticed the same thing? Or was I just unlucky in the depths.
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5 years ago#2
Something I posted somewhere else. Might be other stuff, but this is all I used.

Humanity farming has a few locations I'm aware of:

Rats under the Red Dragon bridge
Pretty poor farming, only three kills, not too far removed from a bonfire, but not close enough to make up for the low number of foes. Only benefit is early access.

Rats in the Depths
There are five this time around (more if you go to the end of the hall as well, but this is only efficient with homeward bones), and you can drop your summon sign in the bonfire room and pick up some extra killing Gaping Dragon (and souls too). Can optionally farm the slimes in the hall outside for Large/Green Titanite Shards, if you feel you need them before Sen's Fortress.

Squid-Snakes in the Duke's Archives
A good bit further along to reach this one. They appear to have a similar or higher drop rate, and there are a lot packed into a smallish area not too far from the bonfire. You'll make more than enough souls to justify homeward bone use.

Baby Skeletons at the bottom of the Tomb of Giants
The premier humanity farming area, they infinitely respawn, so bring a weapon that hits a wide area and farm them until it breaks. Getting there isn't too much of a chore once you're familiar with the Tomb of Giants. You'll want some Blooming Purple Moss, as they cause Toxic damage, and enough Estus to last them nipping at your ankles for a while. Note that since they are constantly respawning, the old bodies despawn, taking their drop with it, so grab the item as it drops.

Killing bosses as a phantom
Self explanitory.
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5 years ago#3
Hmm I'll try the sewers again for a while that summon sign idea while u farm is a great idea
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5 years ago#4
Plus I have read that for every tick of humanity in the upper left corner ur drop rate in ceases slighty
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5 years ago#5
Yes, max item discovery is 410 (100 base, 200 ring or helm, 110 humanity, which caps at 30).
You can't make an omelette without crushing dozens of eggs beneath your steel boot and then publicly disemboweling the chickens that laid them as a warning.
5 years ago#6
I had a lot of success farming in the painted world (about 9 or 10 rats in the first few little buildings total. Serpent ring plus using humanity as I found them and I found 13 in about an hour and a half.
5 years ago#7
I wouldn't quite say that the baby skeletons in Tomb of the Giants is the "premiere" place to farm for humanity. Maybe others have been extremely lucky, but with the gold serpent's ring, I've killed 60k souls worth of baby skeletons and only received 5 humanity in about 30 minutes of farming. Still, it's a great location to sit for a while with little to no danger of actually dying while farming for souls. When it comes to soul farming, I'd probably call it the best location based on that fact alone - that it's so easy to kill them all so quickly and they're infinitely respawn, but I just haven't had the luck with humanity dropping from them that other people have.
5 years ago#8

dont do it, just use dragon head stone glitch and save yourself hours of time. You are not doing anything cheap, just saving yourself time. I dont agree with using it for souls however as that is cheap because you did not use your skill to aquire those souls, humanity is all about luck and time. my 2 cents, alot of people on this board dont agree with me on that but whatever.

5 years ago#9
When I was in the depths, I almost had enough souls for a new level, so I started farming rats just for the souls. Anyways I seriously picked up like 10 humanity in 10 minutes. That's the best place I've found so far early in the game. This was before I beat the gaping dragon though. I heard there is a higher chance to get humanity or something if you haven't beat the area boss.
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