Quelaag's Fury Sword

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User Info: Darkefka

5 years ago#1

is it really THAT good? i'm thinking of getting it so i put points in Dex because it scales with Dex, but I heard the scaling is DkS is really deceiving compared to DS is the weapon worth it anyway? right now I have a Lightning Spear +5

User Info: A5modeu5

5 years ago#2
there are much better weapons than the furysword
but it looks flashy

User Info: Zen_Zarab

5 years ago#3
it's one of the best fire weapons imo.
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User Info: Tmk

5 years ago#4
I only have 22 dex and with enough humanity it can gain higher attack power than lightning spear. Like, 470 attack power to the spear's 444.

It also has a good moveset.
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User Info: Corrupted_Wolf

5 years ago#5

I love the sword. Using it over my Lightning Claymore.

User Info: Corrupted_Wolf

5 years ago#6

It has a comparable offensive capabilities to a Lightning Claymore +3~4 ish

But it uses less END per strike and has faster strikes. It's a great weapon.

User Info: Darkefka

5 years ago#7

I'll get it then, just wished I didn,t forget to do it in NG, now I have to find the big blacksmith again XD

User Info: Potentialawes

5 years ago#8
It's the only stat scaling weapon that can compare to lightning weapons.

It goes

Light weapons = Furysword >>>>> Everything else

User Info: brandonford

5 years ago#9
Wait a minute, the sword scales with humanity?


I've been wanting this sword for so long and I'm very close to obtaining it but I have no humanity.

For some reason the undead female merchant isn't selling any either.

User Info: Darkefka

5 years ago#10

I'll still use my Lightning Spear for tigh fights (on small ramos because I can attack w/o moving while holding my shield up)

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