Does Sin carry over to NG+?

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5 years ago#1
Or am I safe slaughtering all the NPCs at the very end of the game?
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5 years ago#2
Yeah it carried over for me.
5 years ago#3

Sin doesn't carry over.

After killing the gargoyles on NG+ and having a chat with thechap in black tights who likes to laugh a lot for no real reason, I found I had been automatically cleared of all charges/sins from my previous play-through.

5 years ago#4
Not safe and hey, it's fun knowing you got a bounty on your head >:D After playing the game once, I'm pretty sure anybody will welcome those surprise invasions :)
5 years ago#5
What? after I killed gargs and talked to the sin guy he didnt laugh and then clear my sins free.. it was gonna cost me 500k souls to clear it.
5 years ago#6

Did you join Way of the white for miracles from Petrus, or ask him to abandon covenant first?

By laughing a lot I'm just making a comment on his departure line 'It is only human to sin... EHAHAHAHAHA!. Or something like that.

I had no sin when I first spoke to him, and even made a point to check because I had a boat-load of souls from killing the final boss, and generally slaying things, and intended to clear my name. I asked him to abandon my covenant (Dragon, also under the pretense this would not incur a penalty) and then found out I'd been awarded sin for leaving the covenant.

5 years ago#7
sins from first game did carry over to NG+ because I had around 425k penalty in first game and then in NG+ it went up to 500k.
5 years ago#8

Well, I don't know what to tell you then.

I killed most NPCs pre-end game of my first run-through. Started NG+, blitzed through to Oswald without breaking my covenant, attacking NPC's or doing anything else that would incur penalty, beat down the gargoyles and found out I had no sin accrued.

It wasn't until after I asked him to abandon my covenant that I had been awarded sin again.

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