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5 years ago#1
Yesterday I was invading a Pyro Wielding person in the forest and my shield worked fine against the lobbed spells only tickling my character.
I noticed that the spells that emit flames from close range cant be blocked.
How the hell does a hand go trough a thick shield?
anyone else have any incidents like this?
could it be some programming error or lag?
5 years ago#2
A shield doesn't put an impenetrable wall in front of you.
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5 years ago#3
the black knights shield is meant to make you almost invulnerable against fire with a 95% resistance.
If you have ever gotten one and tested it against a fire drake you would see it allows you to only take 1/4 of your starting life bar as damage just by blocking its entire breath.
5 years ago#4
I have the same trouble TC, not just with pyromancy, but weapons too. I try to strafe with my shield up and I eat lightning uchis, black knight great axes and greater combustions right through it. I've also done this a couple times to other people, they seem to have their shields up and my attacks go right through it when it should have been blocked. (No, I was not using a shotel).

I think it has to do with lag and positioning. If weapons have a large hit radius, avoid it as much as possible so there is no possibility of the hit "landing" and registering behind your shield. And try putting your shield up way before people start their attack animations.

If I'm on the right track here, then this is stupider than DS's lagstabs.
5 years ago#5
Yea it seems like that.
In DS I hardly had trouble like in this game.
I hope they make dedicated servers at one pint for this game Peer to Peer is not a Fair match.
5 years ago#6
Combustion has a very strange hitbox, and properties associated with it. It apparently ignores poise (Even if full Havel it causes you to flinch) and can only be blocked if you are at the end of its range.
5 years ago#7
That explains why it went trough an almost fireproof shield.
5 years ago#8
Probably lag, they could have cast it from somewhere different than they appeared on your screen.
I love when people yell "throw it!" when a player scoops up a ground ball in baseball, like the player isn't aware of the fact they need to throw it.
5 years ago#9
Nice. Thanks.

Anyone else been lucky enough to get this shield at start of game?
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