Coolest LOOKING weapon?

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User Info: DemonHunter2013

5 years ago#1
My vote goes for Priscilla's Dagger. Such a beautiful, showy move set.

User Info: holysquid

5 years ago#2

Washing Pole for me. Not a fan of Sephiroth though.

User Info: ZeroUnderOne

5 years ago#3
You wrote "LOOKING" yet you commented on move set.
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User Info: tmrevolver

5 years ago#4
The black knight weapons are pretty sweet, but i have a special love for the Balder side sword. So sleek, so sexy.

User Info: XAztecWarriorX

5 years ago#5
Greatsword of Artorias
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User Info: sneakynaaraka

5 years ago#6
well maybe he thought the move set LOOKED cool. derp.

my vote has to go for the Dragonslayer Lance(?) . it looks so awesomewith the awesome R2 attack.

User Info: Hitoshura_

5 years ago#7
Broken Sword Hilt.

User Info: riou_teh_leet

5 years ago#8
Notched Whip.
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User Info: Snadados

5 years ago#9

Simple yet elegant.
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User Info: Game_when_I_can

5 years ago#10
Dragonslayer lance. When i think of a weapon that in one stab will insta kill an enemy, its that.
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