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5 years ago#1
I'm using the grass crest shield since I'm using as halberd. My question is that does it's stamina regenerate faster when it's upgraded? Also, I noticed that I can make my shield into a divine grass crest shield. Is there any purpose in doing this? btw, I'm using a faith build.
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5 years ago#2
No, and no. Upgrading to en element destroys all the stability you've gotten for upgrading and it only adds ivine damage if you're right handing the shield. It's stamina regen doesn't increase either. If you want faster Stam regen go get the mask of the child and cloranthy ring. That is what I'm using on my faith character and the stam regen is incredible.
5 years ago#3
Yeah, you should not go with a divine, electric, or whatever upgrade on the grass crest shield. You should upgrade it to a +15. The large ember is in the depths and the very large ember is in the drained out underwater area of new londo. Both ascensions are done through Andre the blacksmith outside the parish. Going to +15 keeps increasing your stability. Stability is probably more important than any kind of elemental resistance you'd get off of a different ascension (which would put the stability to it's base number). With like 60 stability a rolling skeleton will take out almost your whole stamina bar, with 70 stability they'll only take out part of it, and with 80+ they'll barely even affect it. It makes a huge difference in your stamina while blocking. Go for +15. And even then the Hollow Soldier Shield and Silver Knight Shield have better stability when fully upgraded, so the Grass Crest should be your stamina regen shield, but you should be aware that the Cloranthy Ring gives better stamina regen than the shield, not sure how powerful mask of the child is compared to the other two because I don't have it yet. You may not even need Grass Crest because for all intents and purposes chewing a Green Blossom will provide the stamina regen you need, it's stronger than the shield or the ring. Although using them all together does stack, and it's awesome, but you can probably combine Green Blossom with more stability in a shield, and a better ring in that ring slot. I still am playing around with my grass crest +15 and whether I'm going to use it long term, but either way it should have max stability.
5 years ago#4

^ so far it seems like the mask of the child has roughly equal stam regenof the grass crest shield.

5 years ago#5
i use this shield and never bother to upgrade this, alway hold my wpn in 2 hand and let this stay on my back as an accessory
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