How to check Patch version??

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How do I know which patch I have so far?
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flood2k6 posted...
How do I know which patch I have so far?

in the XMB, go to Game > Game Data Utility > Highlight the Dark Souls game data > Press the Triangle button > Select Information
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under the tab "game data" (I think) in the controller column on the PS homescreen. Select Dark Souls and hit the triangle button to get an option to look at "Information". It will have the patch listed there
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i follow your instruction, doesn't work.
still doesn't show the version of this game anywhere

anyone else can help?
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I like the way Disco Stu said it better. Less caps reads less angry :O
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honest, I follow exactly what you guys tell me.
but in the information part, I didnt' say anything about the patch version. :(

can anyone post a screen shot?
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You're 1.03.
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You have to download the patch when it comes, which if your not in Japan, you don't have. That's how you know, and pretty sure everyone who did see the patch would jump and start dancing spontaneously and even a few would even cry for joy on here as soon as they got it.