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5 years ago#1
Dark Souls Stat Planner V1.0 now live and available for download! Please visit the following link for the description page:


Or you can reach the direct download link below:


What is this?

The Dark Souls Stat Planner is a tool to help aid in character creation. You input stats and gear, it outputs results. You can change things around as much as you want until you create your desired character. It will give you results every step of the way so you can determine how to perfectly build your character.

What is required?
Excel2007 or higher. Can use Excel2003 if you have downloaded the compatibility pack (see first link, look for link at bottom of page for compatibility pack things)

How does it work?
-Upon entering the spreadsheet, start selecting values on the top left side. They are in the form of drop down boxes and a few fill ins for stats and humanity.
-If you do not want to raise a stat, leave it blank so that the Ranked Class list will be sure to look for values lower than what you entered.
-The "Ranked Classes" list below the stat input will return the best class for your desired stats, from a soul level perspective. Revise your class if desired.
-Now, use the drop down boxes to select weapons, armor, rings, bows, bolts, and spells.
-The sheet will tell you if you are short on requirements, so you can make adjustments. There is also a two-hand modifier checkbox by the stat input.
-You may notice the covenant drop box. Selecting a covenant will display the covenant required items, and will include certain PvP items in the interaction box, below.
-The opponent defense and attack rating box is experimental. Type in some AR values and defenses and see how your MH weapons and defenses hold up against them.
-There will be more to come on this opponent defense listing, this is just an experimental implementation, at the moment.

-Scroll down a bit to see the character you have created. The top bar will display base information and interaction ranges. Note the interaction range may not be exact for 1.05, but will give you an idea, this will be further optimized in the first revision. By then, we will have a solid understanding.
-On the top left is basic stats, bottom left is defenses, at the very bottom left you will see the effect of the Opponent AR/DEF. Use and please let me know how you would like this information to be presented in later versions. Whether you want percentages, or buffs, or having it in a separate section even.
-The center is just displays of your equips.
-The right hand side, you can adjust two-hand again to check out the damage changes it does for applicable weapons and on the Opponent Defense output.
-You can also select active weapon. This will adjust stats according to the weapon in hand (e.g. a Tin Crystallization Catalyst will halve your charges on the display if you select it), and change the Opponent AR/DEF box for damage you deal.

-Please take the time to read through the others that have helped. Just because I put it together doesn't mean I did it alone. There were many great and helpful people that aided in the creation of this tool. If you run into any of them in PvP, be sure to bow. There is also a short list of tolerances if you are curious as to how incorrect a value may possibly be, which may be important on specific builds.

Thank you and I hope you all can make use of this. If instructions are unclear, check that first link, I'll be updating soon with more information and pictures. Maybe a slideshow video if people find it confusing.
Dark Souls Stat and Weapon Calcs
5 years ago#2
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5 years ago#3
Sticky requested!
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5 years ago#4
you are a beast mud_chan. Thanks to you and everyone that helped out.
5 years ago#5
Dunno if Im just a dumbass, but I cant change the stats, it says its protected. :/
.:Wii & PS3:. PSN: LennyGC
Games I'm playing: Dark Souls, Rock Band 3, Fifa 12.
5 years ago#6
I didn't protect the 8 stat slots and the humanity slot, you should be able to change those. They should initially be blank and highlighted brown, next to an area with no highlighting. Is anyone else having this issue?
Dark Souls Stat and Weapon Calcs
5 years ago#7
Please Sticky!

...White stuff!!
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5 years ago#8
By the way, Im using Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac.

The stat slots have the initial stats for each class but I can't change them, it says they are protected.
.:Wii & PS3:. PSN: LennyGC
Games I'm playing: Dark Souls, Rock Band 3, Fifa 12.
5 years ago#9
5 years ago#10
The initial stats are protected, they are for display purposes. You should still be able to edit the Desired Stats (excluding soul level). They are blank and highlighted in brown. I don't have immediate access to a mac, so would you be able to try changing those for me?
Dark Souls Stat and Weapon Calcs
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