An easy fix for PVP matchmaking courtesy of Armored Core / Why I disconnect.

#1AtelierCorvusPosted 12/15/2011 2:47:11 PM
TL;DR: Have a Performance Rating score like AC. Where all factors (equipment/upgrades/stats) contribute to a "Performance Score". Use this value for matchmaking rather than Soul Level.

Souls, like Armored Core, is all about putting together a bunch of individual parts in order to create a unit / character that plays how you like with the weapons you like.

in every Armored Core game, the status screen would give you about 50 values, but at the bottom it would always summarize it in a single "Performance Rating" score.

Suppose the same thing was done in Dark Souls. Where a character's "Threat Value" was determined not by a single stat (SL) but by ALL stats. By doing it this way you ensure that when two people are matched up for PVP by performance score, they're likely to be evenly matched. Munchkin vs Munchkin, Casual vs Casual.

Personally, I just disconnect when people invade me. Why? Because it serves no purpose to even try and fight them. I know for a fact that the person is going to have a custom built 76 poise lightning demon machete build. Why bother waiting around for them to find me and spam? The fact that there's no means of "escape" means all I can really do is just wait around for them to find me and kill me.

given that choice I'd rather just pop my router off, get kicked back to the main menu, reload my save and continue on. Then turn the network back on once I get near the boss door. Simple, easy, and I don't have to deal with an obviously ill thought out portion of the game mechanics. =)

My other alternative is to gear my character out for PVP and imitate this person. But if I do that it defeats the entire purpose of creating my own character. I don't really want to play as an enchanted Herp-Derpadin.

Once they fix the PVP and I'm matched up with people I have a fighting chance against, I'll totally take on Invaders.
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But you can change gear mid pvp...thus changing your performance rating.

if there was like an "arena" where you went in geared and couldnt change gear when inside it COULD work in there...but not for invasions, etc.

Picture this (sicily, 1942) you get invaded while using some joke weapon to try it out; either you can altar your performance rating by switching weapons, or you are "locked" on that garbage weapon and will end up DCing anyways lol
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#3AtelierCorvus(Topic Creator)Posted 12/15/2011 3:01:00 PM
If people switch then just D/C them. Really it's no different than what people like me do now. My point though is that if it were like this I wouldn't have a REASON to disconnect. I'd know the phantom I was fighting was matched to me by the game mechanics. I'd know that I was being jumped by someone who had similar equipment to me so that I would have a reason to get excited and fight the person with my all.

as it stands I feel zero excitement. I know even if I pulled off a backstab they'd lose only a trivial amount of health. I know all my tactics are useless because my DPS against them is so nerfed down that it would take a half hour of tick damage just to have a hope of winning. Meanwhile the first lucky shot they get will floor me.
#4Yoshi6852Posted 12/15/2011 3:06:41 PM
AtelierCorvus posted...

Simple, easy, and I don't have to deal with an obviously ill thought out portion of the game mechanics. =)

You're new here aren't u? That mechanic has been around through demons souls. U kind of just voided your arguemnt with the you're d/cing arguemetn. If you don't like it play offline, or in hollow form. Being human gives you a few advantages (partners, drop rates), it's fitting there is a bit of a risk to it as well.

I understand d/cing on chicken hawks because that is annoying, but once yo ustart going up on soul level you too have the same access to the equipment.

Besids already mentioned, but you are aware that this is even worse griefing mechanic. Unequip all your stuff, and wait to get invaded, get invaded, and then pop on all your powerful gear, game set match or do the same only in reverse as you being the invader.
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#5Arislan0Posted 12/15/2011 3:14:22 PM
I don't gather from your post that you are familiar with how invasions currently match you.

It varies, certainly, but to think you are always invaded by high level uber geared players really is just wrong.

On the topic of gear, it certainly matters what someone is wearing, but so does player skill. I've killed havel wearing ninja's swinging a black knight great axe while I just had the drake sword. I've also been killed by poorly geared players with my most pimped out toons, many times. You'll never know until you at least try.

Immediately throwing your hands up and saying, its unfair I quit, is not going to help you play any better or understand the mechanics any more.
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#6NovaLevossidaPosted 12/15/2011 3:14:54 PM
I only invade areas past Anor Londo. I don't use anything super broken. I stay level 59 because this gives me the stats I want, enough VIT to survive a few hits, and a good range of people to invade. I get tons of people who disconnect on me right after I invade. I have not disconnected a single time when I have gotten invaded on any of my characters.

However, people who disconnect no matter what hurt my experience. I'm not camping your undead parish with who knows what, attempting to grief new players. I'm legitimately invading, and others do it too. With all the frequent disconnects I get any more, I just start sending them mail (with a USB keyboard hooked up to the system, it takes about 15 seconds to personalize a message with proper grammar).

"That's okay. A lot of people disconnect when they're scared."

"You disconnected twice on me this afternoon. Just keep the plug out and play offline if you can't handle it."

"I'd disconnect too if I thought I couldn't beat someone who was probably half my level."

"I scared you so hard that the shock to your system knocked out your ethernet cable."

And so on. It's not witty or anything, but it does get the proper response from them.

I guess what I'm saying is that people like you just make things worse for everyone even if the current system in place has flaws. You're just making a flawed system worse by disconnecting.
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#7AtelierCorvus(Topic Creator)Posted 12/15/2011 3:17:49 PM
Yoshi, good job on not reading the thread before replying.

as stated above, lock equipment during invasions. Or give people a 60 second grace period to square themselves away before it occurs.

Second: Yes I do have access to some high level equipment. But as this board has clearly shown, there are only two or three viable builds for PVP that clearly dominate. What good is it to be clever when anyone can just go to an FAQ and grab a min-max monster build? And for that matter what if I want to PVP with people WITHOUT having a min-max character?

What if I want to do base-level PVP. A Warrior vs a Pyromancer?

As for it being based on Demon Souls. Well if you base a broken mechanic on a broken mechanic, guess what you'll get? =)
#8caramel_codPosted 12/15/2011 3:21:23 PM
Or you could just use undead form and not deal with us at all. Or do you need co-op to get through the game? (Not being rude, just a general question.)
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Yoshi6852 posted...
You're new here aren't u? That mechanic has been around through demons souls. U kind of just voided your arguemnt with the you're d/cing arguemetn. If you don't like it play offline, or in hollow form. Being human gives you a few advantages (partners, drop rates), it's fitting there is a bit of a risk to it as well.

The PVP matchmaking system has been heavily reviewed as recently as the last patch. Implying it hasn't changed since Demon's Souls is a pretentious load of crap. Revising it further to encourage more balanced matches is a good thing.

The risk/reward line is equally silly. It's propaganda justifying griefers. The current matchmaking system discourages new players from going online. In the long run it can't be good for the series.

The system worked in AC. Granted it can't be directly applied to Dark Souls, but that doesn't mean the idea is inherently flawed.
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