Accidentally killed Laurentius... can I still get pyromancy?

#1DrAlligatorPosted 1/9/2012 5:29:38 AM
So I saved Laurentius in the Depths and wanted to search him in the wiki. Placed my controller down, and wouldn't you know it, bloody R2 trigger pressed down against the table surface, I accidentally hit Laurentius, he turned on me, I killed him. Checked him up and he sells you pyromancy, the one magic I wanted to use... I'm playing a knight and this is my first playthrough of the game. Is there any other way to get pyromancy, or have I missed out on it for the rest of the game thanks to the crappy controller?
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There are other npcs who sell pyro... But laurientus gives you the pyro glove so i think your screwed, you should just start over your not that far in the game, next time you aggro an npc just run away and go to oswald to cleanse your sins.
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you must complete blighttown, an infected npc is in a secret area after the boss but to get the flame and upgrade it you must get infected.
he can upgrade the flame and offer you one for free.
#4Ryan_SilverFoxPosted 1/9/2012 5:48:43 AM
Calm down, man... there is one other pyromancy trainer who can give you the flame... though it's a bit complicated... and you need to get to the 2nd bell in order to meet him.

So, go through Blighttown, kill the boss there and follow the path to the bell. Ring it and go to the floor in the area with the big metal plate in the ground. Hit the walls around the area and you'll open up a hidden path. Go down this hallway and, whatever you do, DON'T attack the egg carrier blocking the path. This guy is the attendant of the Daughter of Chaos, leader of the Chaos Servant covenant... and, more importantly, HE is the other pyromancy instructor.

However, getting a flame from him requires a bit of work... first and foremost, talk to him and, when he asks if you're there to serve his lady, say yes. You won't join the covenant from talking to him (only from talking to the Daughter of Chaos herself). You can rest at the bonfire there (yes, she's not only a covenant leader, but a Firekeeper as well).

Now, continue through the area down the "red" hallway. You'll enter the Demon's Ruins, an area full of fire and a whole lot more egg carriers. There's a bonfire the moment you walk in, so feel free to light it. There are also a lot of carriers, but they're passive like all the ones you've met so far. However, if you keep going straight from the bonfire down the hill, the three egg carriers near the bottom are hostile... and, though this sounds really stupid, you actually want them to hit you with their attack.

The egg carrier's attack is a sweeping grapple that, if hits you, the carrier will hold you while one of it's maggots pops out and bites you. When this happens, the maggot will (more often than not) lay an egg in your head. To make absolutely sure, let the guy bite you a couple of times. Don't worry too much... the damage isn't all that bad and even so, if you don't kill the carrier (sending the maggots after you), they're so slow, you'd be stupid to be hit unintentionally by one of these guys.

Anyways, once you've been bitten a couple of times, run a good distance away from them (like back to the bonfire) and stand still for a moment. Watch your character closely - if they scratch their head while standing still, you've been infected... which is what you want. If you wait about 5-10 minutes, your head will suddenly burst with an egg over top. Now you're kind of like a newbie egg carrier (your kick is replaced with a maggot attack too), but you cannot use your equipped helmet.

Once you have the egg-head, return to the Daughter of Chaos and speak to her attendant. Not only will he be willing to give you a new pyromancy flame and sell you some exclusive abilities, but he'll also give you one or two free Egg Vermilifuge. Use them to remove the egg on your head (don't worry... he'll still talk to you if you remove the egg afterwards).

Allow him to upgrade the flame to +10 and return to the swamp. There, you'll meet yet another pyromancy instructor... more accurately, the original pyromancy instructor ever, Quelana - the lost Chaos Sister. She will sell you pyromancies as well (including some Laurentius sold) and will ascend your flame, making it stronger (and upgradable to ascended +5). Quelana has some of the strongest pyromancies in the game (including a special one if you defeat the Bed of Chaos later on).

One other person who can give you a couple of special pyromancies is the Daughter of Chaos, but in order to get them, you must be in her covenant. I believe you get one for joining and one for giving her 30 humanity (doing so also opens access to a special shortcut in Demon's Ruins that leads to Lost Izalith).
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Excellent information, Ryan_SilverFox. I find this incredibly useful as the Pyromancer is my favorite character class. Thanks very much, I will take advantage of the info you provided.
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OmegaDL50 posted...
I find this incredibly useful as the Pyromancer is my favorite character class

I think there are a couple of useful Pyromancy spells that are only sold by Laurentius.
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Thanks a lot Ryan_SilverFox. I don't think I'll be at the point of the game where I can actually follow your advice for at least ten hours, but when I've beaten the Blight Town boss I'll come back to your post. KrY25 suggests starting over, but at 18hrs into the game I certainly don't feel like I'm near the beginning. It's slow going for me and I don't want to just throw those 18hrs out the window.
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Note that Eingyi (the guy who you'll be asking for a Pyro glove) has an INT requirement before he'll fork over the glove. I believe you need at least a 12.

EDIT: For future reference, if you accidentally hit an important NPC... run away. Head up to the Undead Chapel and talk to Oswald in the belltower. Ask him for absolution. This should "de-aggro" your NPC.
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DrAlligator posted...
I accidentally hit Laurentius, he turned on me, I killed him.

It's funny how murderous the players of this game are.
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OmegaDL50 posted...
Excellent information, Ryan_SilverFox. I find this incredibly useful as the Pyromancer is my favorite character class. Thanks very much, I will take advantage of the info you provided.

Yes, I agree. Great information Ryan_SilverFox. Couldn't have provided the info any better myself. Also good luck in your quest for your Pyro Glove!
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