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3 years ago#1
This is the new signup thread for Dks Mule Requests and active Mules. Please read ALL of the rules before you request service and to be put in service. All requests should be posted here and Please follow these rules closely. Let the Muling Begin!

1) All requests should be posted here one time with PSN: ID (please repost here if you requested in the other thread and have not received service). Please feel free to contact an open mule to set up arrangements as their ID will be on their post.

2) Once you have been muled you now become an "active" mule so please proceed to step three here and post a second time stating that you are a mule open for service.

3) All Mules should post here (with PSN: ID) and state whether they are active or have met their 5 mule min. obligation. Mules should create an additional post within this thread (if your original post cannot be edited) and state who they have Muled to and should edit the post to inactive once their obligation has been met (unless you plan to stay active as some have stated they would )

4) If you are an active mule then you need to actively follow this thread and grab people that need muling until your contribution is complete

5) Please be aware of these things and read the whole wall of text below Entitled Rules for Muling

A. Be 100% ready at the assigned time. This includes being at the right place, in human form, right soul level, with a couple hard humanities as backup.
B. Have enough time to completely mule. At least an hour, maybe more (depending on summoning problems).
C. Read through the first post here to know how it works, what to do, what not to do, etc.
D. Read the summoning tips thread, so you know how to do the "purposeful" summoning.
E. Commit to help 5 others.

Is this really happening? I just shotgunned a 40 of Robitussin and everything's kinda awesome.
PSN: Torebackula
3 years ago#2
Rules for Being Muled

We have a full mule and have begun duping in the upper burg! Duping in DKS is much different than it was in Demons Souls so please follw these rules and read closely. This is a self propogating mule meaning those that receive it pass it along to others. Our initial mules will probably do a bit more work than others to kick this off right but those that receive it are obligated to pass it on to others. We have to drop the whole mule so this is a much longer process than it was before so please don't pester these folks looking solely for trophy weapons. This service is primarily for the PvP community and is much needed to jump start it. I have no problem if you make additional mules to drop stuff to trophy hunters after your initial 5 drop obligation to the PvP community though (see below). Here are the rules:

1) You need to have all 10 save slots filled and know how to use the proper bottomless box glitch. Here is the youtube link that Delussions posted (thanks man) viewtopic.php?f=62&t=14202

2) The person receiving the mule should be around sl 5 with way of white covenant and the taurus demon unbeaten as you will be the host to the mule and the mule should have killed to taurus so you can get the white soapstone to lay down your sign.

3) Host should arrange summon spot for the mule and then you should both head straight for the fog gate. Once through you are immune to invasion but don't engage the taurus. Climb the ladder and kill the archers in the tower. The top of the tower is your safe dupe spot. Host should drop everything he started with so the mule does not get contaminated with starting junk (best to do that at the bottom and climb back up so you don't pick it back up).

4) Mule then drops everything and host picks it up at the same time. Tips here: if the hosts runs toward the mule as he is dropping he is able to pick items up quicker. Also, don't let there be more than 30 separate dropped item on the ground at any time because those items will disappear for good and the mule will be corrupt.

5) Once you have the whole mule in your posession, make your duping copies as once you have dropped the stuff fom one character that character is done and can be sacrificed/overwritten. I have three mule slots going right now and as I use one I overwrite it with a fresh copy (this takes 15 min from character creation to full box at the burg bonfire).

6) Once you receive a full copy, you are Obligated to give it to no less than 5 other people who do not already have a copy. This is your pay it forward obligation to the PvP community for receiving such a huge gift! Please fullfill this obligation by giving it to friends in PvP who will in turn pass it on to others. This whole thing only works if you faollow through with this obligation! After your initial 5 drops, feel free to make mules to drop to trophy hunters if you wish, but your first responsibility should be to the PvP community we are trying to build

Is this really happening? I just shotgunned a 40 of Robitussin and everything's kinda awesome.
PSN: Torebackula
3 years ago#3
7) This last one is the most difficult. I don't know if this is possible, but it would be nice to be able to verify who we are giving it to. We don't need any more sl1 maxed griefers out there so I would be hesitant to give it to people I didn't previously see active in PvP or on these boards (including the other boards)

8) Then, copy to as many slots as you would like and optimize your PvP builds . Keep one slot as a mule if you would for future needs though and as your copy from slot.

9) Finally, post your initial requests for you mule in this thread with your PSN ID. Once someone has given it to you, please edit your original post stating you received it and please post a second time stating the 5 people and PSNs you have given it to so we can try tracking how this spreads. If you have received your mule and are looking for people to give it to you should contact those who have posted here and not received it yet.

Other tips:

1) To quickly transfer items too and from the box(there is a ton of stuff) press and hold R1/L1 and then down on the keypad. This works for weapons and armor. For all other consumables, manually use R2/L2

2) All weapons trophy will not pop by the dupe

3) If you join the darkmoon covenant, you must make sure you do not have the darkmoon talismon on you or you will not get anything for joining!

4) There is alot of stuff and each dupe takes 1.5-2 hrs total with creating your charaters. Be aware of this before you undertake this. It is a large commitment so please be aware of that before you take this on.

5) IMPORTANT To avoid items being lost doo not drop more than 20 items at a time and wait for them to be picked up before you drop another 20. Duping too fast can result in a corrupt translation as there can only be 25 items on the gound at any one time before the system starts deleting items. This method works and does not add much time to the drop. Please follow closely as we have needed to repair mules before they could be put in action.

6) Important Tips for your own PvP toons from Glumort, Irian, and Dellusions:

If you've been "muled" equip a good Lightning Weapon, a good Shield and some good Armor. Speak to Solaire to get White Sign Soapstone, buy Orange Guidance Soapstone at Undead Burg Merchant, revisit Undead Asylum to get Peculiar Doll, kill Gargoyles, Quelaag and Iron Golem, reach Anor Londo and enter Painted World of Ariamis, get Red Sign Soapstone and Dried Fingers. Congratulations your mule is ready for your own PvP. Also, you can put Soapstones, Covenant of Artorious (kill siff to get), and Dried Fingers in the BB to glitch though they cannot be dropped. So, if you create your final mule using the BB glitch on a character that has Soapstones, Dried Fingers, and covenant of Artorius Ring in the BB, you'll have them without killing any boss Plus, all these areas will still be open for PvP:

Undead Burg (skip boss by going through havel's doors)
Butterfly Forest
Sifs Forest
Twilight Londo
Painted World

Thanks and enjoy!!! Here's to hoping FROM never fixes the Bottomless Box Glitch! Oh, and everyone should give a big shout out to Glumort who donated his mule and tips to this community and a big thanks to those that made it and gave it to him! You are the man Glum! Our PvP Adam and Eve Mule! Your contributions cannot be overstated!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this really happening? I just shotgunned a 40 of Robitussin and everything's kinda awesome.
PSN: Torebackula
3 years ago#4
This topic was more or less a direct copy from the wikidot thread. Due to gamefaqs posting restrictions, editing posts will not be possible for the most part. Once you have been muled create a new post in this thread with your PSN ID, stating you are an active mule. Please do not make additional posts on the board, use this post for all muling requests and offers. For the time being I will not be an active mule, and invite those within the DkS chat who have been muled to post their PSN IDs to fulfill their obligation. Thanks guys!

You may now post requests or PSNs for muling services.
Is this really happening? I just shotgunned a 40 of Robitussin and everything's kinda awesome.
PSN: Torebackula
3 years ago#5
I've been looking for something like this, and would greatly appreciate some help to finish off my BB toon. I would also gladly help at least 5 more people finish theirs once I have it.

I've been playing this game since september when it came out, and have over 300 hours of playtime across my chars. I now pretty much only play PvP and do challenges like ENB etc.

I would only use this to save 10-20 hours to make new PvP builds and this would without a doubt make me even more active than I already am.

My PSN is zparks, and would be avaliable for muling in about an hour or so.
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3 years ago#6
Psnid gofyaself I need to be muled and would Greatly pass it on to others I am also currently in the dark souls 2.0 chat..thanks in advance
3 years ago#7
I'll be completing my mule some time this week, so any who need to be geared up can send me a message on my PSN, which is a_ak57.
3 years ago#8
I'd like mule character, & don't mind sharing psn in sig I'm already in chat as well
black fc 4513 0412 5368 psn xDrakeXO
3 years ago#9
I need to be muled as well. Also, will share with others. I'm in Photo's PSN chat a lot!

PSN: crzytimes
PSN: crzytimes
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