Can someone suggest some good chest pieces 0 poise with good magic resist?

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Shamus425 posted...
Painted guardian u mean? It kinda looks lame.....

dam bro get some style
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Dingy set is a really good one.
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Lives posted...
White Button Up? Like the pirate shirt from Seinfeld?

Here's what I'd go with (Magic Resist next to name):

Robe of the Great Lord (32)
Witch Cloak (33)
Xanthous Overcoat (32)
Painting Guardian Robe (34)
Gold-Hemmed Black Cloak (54)
Dingy Robe (33)
Crimson Robe (33)
Black Sorcerer Cloak (21)
Sage Robe (28)
Wanderer Coat (21)
Sorcerer Cloak (28)
Tattered Cloth Robe (23)
Black Cleric Robe (29)
Moonlight Robe (31)
Holy Robe (23)
Antiquated Dress - White Button Up (33)

My favorites are Gold-Hemmed Black Robes and Crimson Robe (which can be upgrade). The Xanthous and Witch sets are pretty stellar too.

And yes, all these on the list have 0 poise. there are more with 0 poise and ok Magic Resist, but these are the ones I like the most =P

These are all upgraded +10?
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I posted a second message with the ones that were upgraded at +10 or +5 (depending on type of upgrade... +5 for twinkling titanite, like crimson robes for example). Check that one out.
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Dingy, all day erry day.
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