Fog Ring + Hidden body = Total Invisibility?

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User Info: m415mike

4 years ago#1
I've been doing quite a bit of invading recently, and I came across a particular pair of people in Dark Anor Londo. They were off in the distance, near the first gargoyle, and I was coming from the main hall. They looked kinda weird, but I saw them, and I chalked it up to the distance. So I made my way down there, then moved the rotating platform to hopefully wait for some help. Help never came, so I rotated it back up, and they were completely invisible! I saw the aura of their grass crest shield and wolf ring, and one of them had a fire resin applied. Other than that, no part of their character was visible. I've encountered the invisible invader bug while co-oping before, but it was different. The bugged invaders couldn't hit more or be locked on to, nor could I see their auras. These guys could be locked on to, and they killed me because I couldn't see what they were doing while they ganked me to death.

I haven't managed to encounter them since, but is this a bug, a hack, or a combination of the fog ring and hidden body? I've heard speculation that the combination can make people completely invisible, but I've never seen any verification either way.

User Info: slayer921

4 years ago#2
leggings of thorn with fog ring = invisible legs :O

but to the topic, idk i never tried and wut system? if its xbox or PC, its a hack/mod
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User Info: beggargirl

4 years ago#3
This is a glitch that I've only seen happen in Anor Londo. But I've seen it there quite a few times. I've messaged the people invading me before and they had no idea they were invisible to me.

In New Londo I summoned someone who was in dragon body form on their end, but on my end looked like a naked person spitting fire. It was odd.
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