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3 years ago#1
I just started a new game in anticipation of the DLC to be released soon, and I'm trying to make a pyromancer (I still have to free the guy that lets you upgrade your flame, though...). It seems like a pyromancer is usually some other class, too, like mage/pyromancer or thief/pyromancer, so I'm wondering where I should put my stats (they are all about 14 right now). Last time I did a medium-armored cleric, so I'd like to do something different this time.

Any suggestions?
3 years ago#2
My character has stats like this:

end: 41
vit: 40
str: 27
dex: 45
att: 20

Everything else at base. Seems to work good for me, I have 5 attunement slots for pyromancy and fully upgraded pyromancy glove. With stats like this I am able to easily switch between bows, and sword shield combos as well as using a decent amount of pyromancy.

This was my first character, so maybe it isn't the best. But it seems good to me. Anyways hope this helped a bit!
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3 years ago#3
If you want a lower SL (100) build that is mine:

Vit 48
Att 16 ( great chaos fireball, fire sure, great combustion, more than enough to me)
End 28
Str 16 (i use BSS, uchi, spear, claymore that build can even 2h zwei for fun)
Dex 45 (fastest cast)
all orther at base

if you want higher SL build put Str to 27 or 28 (i prefer 28 for 1h murakumo) and the rest in end and maybe 50 vit
3 years ago#4
OK, thanks! I think I probably will focus on DEX and ATT, since I did tried most of the heavy STR weapons last time . . . :-) Though some of the spells look pretty awesome . . . but you need such high INT that it might not be worth it.
3 years ago#5
no need int for pyro build ???
3 years ago#6
No need int
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