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4 years ago#11

Seriously, dat Bramd.

Also, polearm R1,R2, R1, R1. Everybody tried to parry and instead got stunlocked by the delayed R2 attack in the string lol
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4 years ago#12
Pure Bladestone.
4 years ago#13
Push tob
4 years ago#14
easy hack
4 years ago#15
running firestorm :3
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Thanks Xool :D
4 years ago#16
Blue Blood Sword, good Axes and Hammers, actual multiple uses for each boss soul...Storm Ruler and of course Blind.
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4 years ago#17
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4 years ago#18
ancapaillmor posted...
Pure Bladestone.

Go to hell, BP Skeleton!

Maybe you could try putting a small shield in your right hand. Still can't dual wield with any efficacy but you can push with it quite quickly.
4 years ago#19
Old Flamberge design
4 years ago#20
I miss my health regen faith build more than anything.
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