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4 years ago#21
Meat Cleaver
Binded Armour
Old Monk boss
Old Monk hat
Kris knife
Life is overrated.
4 years ago#22
I miss simplicity - Push Vitality, Endurance, and one attack stat. You're good to go.
Faith build - powerhouse, I loved it, I miss it.
Dull Gold Armor - the look was awesome. My favorite.
Gender specific armor - it added some variety with character. And since armor didn't mean much, it was all cosmetic.
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4 years ago#23
Ctrl + F
Search: DBS
Search: Dragonbone Smasher
Results: 0

I am disappoint.
Soulcraft Science.
4 years ago#24
Push was kind of broken, i do miss how instead of kick there was a shove implemented into each weapon type. I really liked the push from the pole arms, it just looked bad ass.
4 years ago#25
TEHMAHZ posted...
Meat Cleaver

szathmab posted...
Health regen faith builds
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4 years ago#26
EWGF posted...
Ctrl + F
Search: DBS
Search: Dragonbone Smasher
Results: 0

I am disappoint.

I had two DBS builds xD

Dual kats was sex though.

And the said part about this topic is that its been so long since I've played demons souls that I'm starting to forget random stuff about it like how the push combo goes and terminology. :'(

I'm going to put in demons when I get home and try to find atleast one pvp match with my katana wielder.

And another thing about demons, I always use to go past ng+ as opposed to dark souls where I only do one and a half play throughs per character. :p
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4 years ago#27
Garl Vinland.
Scraping spear.

Silvy owns my pants...and my soul.
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4 years ago#28
THEIFS RING >>>> Everything else anyone has posted. Why?


Also Knockdowns man, i miss slapping people with my 10 foot long.......... Greatsword! Hah get your mind out of the gutter and prepare to get slapped around 4-1 by me and two freinds weilding Storm Rulers all while we roll super fast in full Brushwood Armor lol!
4 years ago#29
i had some super lowbie toon with the duality sword that gets bonus damage from your alignment. i could invade anywhere and wreck high lvls no problem.
4 years ago#30
GodsPoison posted...


ugh i know! the only thing remotely close I can come up with is dragon form with fog ring in the forest while hosting. Ppl would run right by me sometimes.
I couldn't care less...
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