Push, L1,r1,L1...

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Snipa_Wulf12 posted...
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Ctrl + F
Search: DBS
Search: Dragonbone Smasher
Results: 0

I am disappoint.

I had two DBS builds xD

Dual kats was sex though.

And the said part about this topic is that its been so long since I've played demons souls that I'm starting to forget random stuff about it like how the push combo goes and terminology. :'(

I'm going to put in demons when I get home and try to find atleast one pvp match with my katana wielder.

And another thing about demons, I always use to go past ng+ as opposed to dark souls where I only do one and a half play throughs per character. :p

I have been playing Demon's Souls lately after completing the DLC for Dark Souls. There's still some activity at 120. I went ahead and made a dex/mage hybrid and a DBS mage and practiced with fireball canceling and fireball to ignite combos in addition to wake up fireball after flooring people with the DBS. I may be having more fun than I with both these builds than any other build.
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the almighty mirdan hammer
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Dustinht posted...
the almighty mirdan hammer moveset

Fixed. The hammer is in the game but they ruined it.
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DBS and other the fact you could make big weapons cause knockdown on hit, as opposed to just stunock.
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Stockpile Thomas

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Blessed Weapons. Playing carelessly with no HUD was also quite pleasant.
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