Any crappy weapons you use anyway?

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Cvdf3 posted...
newjerseyplayer posted...
Am I the only one who runs around with the Estoc?

No, because Estoc is awesome.

Yes, you are. Gtfo, noobscrub.

...running around with sharp objects is dangerous. I wonder how often attempting to roll irl with a sword or w/e would end up with the perforation of oneself lol.
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MatrixAndrAIa posted...
Bastard Sword - occasionally. I like the move set. I don't think it's crappy simply because I am comfortable with how it works.

nothing wrong with the bastard sword. I really like it actually, and find it superior to the claymore personally.

uhhh as far as myself... i dunno, butterfly spear i guess. that's a pretty good wep though... sometimes i use the regular scythe (not great scythe) cause i really like the moves and the fact that it has a 360 degree move.

oh, silver knight sword too when i feel like role playing
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I use the bbox just so I can grief noobs...
With my broken chaos sword.
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I use an enchanted notched whip
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I've never seen/heard of anyone who uses (occasionally) it but me.
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-Damien- posted...
Chaos Blade

Take that back! Now!
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Lucerne. Even if I don't think its crappy, everyone else says it is. But I LOVE dat Lucerne powah. Those slams are just sexy.
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I'm a real Porcupine and I have sharp Quills!
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Left hand whip, right hand dagger. I made a character based on Cotillion from The Malazan Book of the Fallen. Terrible weapons, especially against bosses, but fun in other situations if you can parry.
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The life hunt Scythe is only "crappy" if you dont combo it with a Bloodbite ring and the Blood sheild. Compared to a regular Great Scythe it has less range, deals bleed damage to the weilder, and cant be buffed. That and at pvp level 120 most people have signifigant enough Bleed resist that you could end up killing somone from regular hits before they bleed out and at the same time you are likely to bleed out because of the stupid gauge building up from phantom hits.

So yeah Lifehunt is crappy for PVP. Id change the topic to "Weapons that are crappy to pvp with but you use anyway" cause in PVE you can use whatever you want and still be effective.