Any crappy weapons you use anyway?

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4 years ago#51
Torebackula posted...
xXBladeWolfXx posted...
Yeah... I'm another Darksword fan... Took it to 15 just to make sure that what I was seeing really was crap damage. A shame too, because I didn't know that pure quality (40 Str 40 Dex) does not work in this game. At all.

Actually 40/40 Quality can be a pretty solid build with the right weapons. This was my favorite build to use the lucerne/sunlight swag sword combo. Maximizes 1h scaling dmg on anything, allowing for awesome dmg while maintaining a shield/pyro flame/bow/etc. For that matter, a +15 composite bow with large arrows has CRAZY dmg on a pure quality. Try that out :D

Pretty sure Sunlight Swag Sword is the exact same as the Darksword though, which I found very underwhelming. I'll definitely have to try out the Lucerne and Composite Bow though. Thanks my good chap!
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4 years ago#52
Oh, yeah, I'll second composite bow. It's got poor range to balance it out, but it fires fast and becomes the most powerful bow. You can use feather arrows to somewhat mitigate the range decrease.
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4 years ago#53
The Black knight Great Axe.

Love the weapon, but since the nerf in 1.06 its damage is ridiculously low for its stats requirements and wight, so i guess its a crappy weapon now.
4 years ago#54
Composite bow on a quality build is pure nastiness. Rapid fire, quick recovery, massive damage nastiness. Pep trolled me on more than one occasion with it.
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