I have a video with me using the Drake sword for PvP. 13 mins long, need music

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The_Black_0ni posted...
Dethklok: I tamper with the murder site of Odin

Dethklok is the stone blade. :)
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Wow, this is the 2nd most popular topic on gfaqs right now?
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2 minutes to midnight by iron maiden is long enough to kill the unborn in the womb
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I'd suggest you play Jingle Bells. That song always make me cry.
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Jeffrey Dallas - Jellyfish.

Do it.
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Video is currently uploading, will be live in 227 minutes from now. No wait, it'll be uploaded in 227 mins... processing will take a while so... um...

Video will be live in approx. 240 minutes from now.
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You could have used Prelude to War, mang!

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