Demon's Souls NPC's vs Dark Souls NPC's

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4 years ago#81
Dark Souls has sooo many NPCs, I don't think they could lose. Gough would elbow drop everyone from DS in to oblivion. The giant blacksmith would also have a thing or two to say. Andre is a pretty big threat, too.

Consider the fact that DaS has the AoE advantage. DS NPCs don't hit that wide of an area. Tarkus, Siegmeyer, Sieglinde, giant blacksmith, and Smough have extremely wide attacks. They can hit multiple people at the same time. Logan's spears and dragon breath also pass through enemies.

Have we even decided how the battle would be fought? I stand by Dark Souls winning no contest when it comes to a battle royale. We need to decide which characters qualify as NPCs, and how the battle(s) would be fought. Until then, the thread is unreasonable.
4 years ago#82
If things like Gough and Smough count (and really, really don't think they should), it'd make just as much sense for False King and Penetrator to count.

I think it's most sensical to treat "NPC" to mean characters who are equivalent to the player. Meaning, for example, characters who simulate players, basically, who give the special hornet critical attack animations.
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4 years ago#83
I don't like your comparison, because Penetrator and False King are purely bosses. They don't do anything else. Gough and the giant smith at least have dialogue. This is why we need to establish exactly what does and doesn't meet the criteria for an NPC.

If we do go by the hornet-ring animation, that works for me. It's clear and can't be refuted.

Now we just have to decide how to measure the power of the NPCs. For DS, BP or no? For DaS, are we going in to NG+ or no?
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