What is the hardest part of the game in your opinion?

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R1masher posted...
Getting skin tones just right

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The hardest part of the game is not pissing off Alvina.
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The archers in Anor Londo are a cakewalk. If you made it through once on your own, you should NEVER have a problem doing it again.

In my opinion (and not counting the DLC), I'd say soloing Smough and Ornstein. They're very good at interrupting you and setting up for a painful attack from the other.
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Bed of Chaos and Anor Londo archers for cheap kills.

Four kings and Ornstein/Smough otherwise.

4kings is difficult if your dps is low and O&S is easily the hardest boss in the game solo.

Another notable mention is the skele dogs in ToG. Especially on NG+ and beyond.
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Orn and Smough!
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4kings with lower dps or mage like build with low health.

bed of chaos without reloading tricks or arrows.

O&S would be 3rd on my list.
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R1masher posted...
Getting skin tones just right

I don't even remember what my character looks like anymore.
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