What will the sequel be called?

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4 years ago#81
Dark souls 2: the Sequel

Dark souls 3: the sequels sequel.
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4 years ago#82
Dead Souls sound nice...

Dark Demon's Souls?
"life its simple...just take choices & never look back"
4 years ago#83
Dragon Ball Souls

Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the voice actor for EVERYONE
4 years ago#84
Pygmy Souls :O
4 years ago#85
Or something to do with the pygmy guy
4 years ago#86
Lost Souls
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4 years ago#87
/b/ Souls.

Nyeh heh heh...
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4 years ago#88
Delicious Souls
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4 years ago#89
Soul of a Damned / Damned Souls
A Key , A Rose , An Unfound Door - The Dark Tower(Stephen King)
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4 years ago#90
Deep dark holes: wet mama returns
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