So... Is there any armor in this game that isn't worn by an npc or an enemy?

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remember that merchant in the depths just before blighttown's gate? the one that says "aye swimae"? he sells some weird armor.. i think its not worn by any npc.

I think Dohmnall wears the armor he sells.

He does indeed.

aha well.. sorry guys.. been a mistake... but a second question comes to mind.. if i buy his armor.. will he be naked? then he would be considered as wearing the deprived's starting armor.. right? LOL
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Chainmail armor set is worn by the Crestfallen warrior except for the helmet.
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The thief in the Forest wears the Hollow Thief's set. It's kinda hard to tell since he has the Fog Ring and all, but that's what he wears.

I believe the sets that only we wear are the Wanderer's and some unique headgear. Every other one belongs to an NPC or enemy. Kinda strange that that's the only one no one else wears in the game.
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Only certain starter sets. Wanderer,Knight,Warrior,Female pyromancer ext.
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Whoops, not knight forgot about the forest knights. Wanderer,warrior, and female pyromancer i'm pretty certain aren't
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How about Bandit set? I don't think I've seen anyone with that one
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One of the Forest Hunters is a bandit.
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Do the dragon parts count?
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I'm seriously loling at Rickets
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