Different classes do NOT have the same base stats

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badassmark posted...
very true. But since the pyro starts at lvl 1 it not only has the most starting points (tied with the wanderer) but it also has the most freedom of placement. I would argue that this makes it the best class....

No, it makes it the class chosen most often. If by best you simply mean that out of 10 different builds, most of the starting classes would by pyros, then OK, it's the "best".

That 8 faith isn't supporting any faith builds, that's for sure.
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Old news.

Resistance is not calculated.

Omit it from your additions and check your numbers again.
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So wanderer & pyro is the "best" starting class? Well I don't use magic or miracles only st, dex & PW. I always started as a warrior cause it has the less points in res, int & faith. So I'm I doing it wrong? Start at lv 4 but its ok cause I use every other stats.
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ancapaillmor posted...
It was the same in demons every class has a different starting soul level, having lower points in some stats gives you more room to customize your build, maybe you don't want to waste points on 14 faith or 12 int etc you want those points elsewhere. Also How else would you get Ng++++ SL1 runs.

It's not the same as Demon's, in DS every class had an equivalent amount of levels once you took their starting SL into account. Every character had a max of 712, which isn't the case in DkS.
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There is no starting class that is considered the best. Look at the final stats you want to achieve and then compare the base stats of all the classes. For min-maxing purposes, all of the following classes have their place:

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I always start with a bandit no matter what anyways. Very smooth start, especially if I'm rushing it and want to get the drake's sword right away.
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The best starting class is the one that allows you to achieve your end-game stats at the lowest possible soul level. If you don't care about that, then the best starting class is the one that starts with the gear you like best.
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Dont add resistance

Now they are equal

For builds that use int -> wanderer/pyro
For builds that use fai -> cleric/bandit
For str builds -> bandit
For dex builds -> wanderer/warrior/pyro/bandit
For vit gouge -> warrior/bandit
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Number4Rocket posted...

Pyro is best for most builds.

Not all.

Who cares about points you won't use.

No, pyro isn't the best at all.

Not even close.

Warrior has the best stats.
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