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User Info: LegendaryHatred

4 years ago#11
Guts from Berserk

Darkwraith Ranking Officer.
Spirit in Black Until The Journey's End.

User Info: HolyGrave

4 years ago#12
Imagine barack obama as the player in dark souls.
currently playing: Dark souls, AC 3, Dragon's Dogma, Dishonored, Demon Souls.

User Info: Titanite-Demon

4 years ago#13
Black Rock Shooter.

Why? We can just cheese them all with dodginess, katanas and energy cannons.
Frog is my Astraea.
I shall not have any harm come to her.

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#14
LegendaryHatred posted...
Guts from Berserk


Yeah, this too. He'd waltz through this with the same aplomb as Dante.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: Torebackula

4 years ago#15
Whole game coop as Toejam and Earl pl0x.
I am gonna pound you so gross later.
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User Info: TheGreatCheeze

4 years ago#16

Awwweeee yeeeeeaaaa.
I follow people around on their slow mounts and say "CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT, STAR FOX!"
-Cereburus Q

User Info: WolfTheSilent

4 years ago#17
Batman, why? because hes Batman
PSN: WolfTheSilent

User Info: AwesomeOpossum2

4 years ago#18
Torebackula posted...
Whole game coop as Toejam and Earl pl0x.

Not a bad idea.

I'd play as earthworm Jim.
"The world is cruel to shiny things...". -Lucky
Psn: A-Train1982

User Info: D_D_Tink

4 years ago#19
Isaac from Golden Sun.
"The guns are balanced enough that no single one will make you better. You just have to suck less to be better."- SupahSkull

User Info: ahreloco

4 years ago#20
Metal Gear Rex. Because of reasons.
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