how to find dark sun gwyndolin

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I am in anor londo and I have completed the entire area, inside the church and out. However, I understand that dark sun gwyndolin is here somwhere and finding him involves the moving staircase in the middle of the level, out front of the church. How do I find gwyndolin? thanks! I have perused the boards and came up with nothing about HOW to find gwyndolin, just how to fight him
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Make staircase go all the way down. Run all the way down the staircase.
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2 ways

1) kill Gwynovere, then go to the bottom of the center spiral staircase. as the secret passage will automatically open

2) find the Darkmoon Seance ring in Catacombs, I cant remember where exactly except that you fall thru the floor and that it is in a coffin guarded by 2 giant skeletons. then wear the ring
at the bottom floor of the spiral staircase infront of the Gwyn statue.
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This starts in the Catacombs.

First you'll need the Darkmoon Seance Ring. There is a wall you can break down in the Catacombs, behind it are some archers and skeletons. Behind them is a tomb guarded by a giant skeleton. The ring is in a coffin behind this skeleton.

Back in Anor Londo:

Go to the rotating platform. Put it at it's lowest setting (keep trying until you get the "Contraption does not move" message). Then run down the circular stairway to the bottom. You should find a room with a Bonfire as well as a lootable ring called "Ring of Sun's Firstborn"

Wear the Darkmoon Seance Ring and approach the statue at the back of the room, it will vanish revealing stairs down to a fog-door. Gywndolin is behind that door.
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Unless you're planning on becoming a Darkmoon, just go kill Gwynevere with a throwing knife and lower the rotating staircase until you get to the tomb with the bonfire. Go forward.
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thank you much! All very helpful and informative. My bad is that I am trying without having been to the catacombs first. I just headed into the painted world so I'll head to the catacombs after I'm done here