If you had one piece of advice for a new player what would it be?

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3 years ago#11
Shield up
Move slow
Check corners and be wary of doorways and choke points
Get a bow and pull enemies to you one at a time
Put some points into END starting off
Embrace Death and learn from it
Souls are a renewable currency, losing them is not an issue
Learn the names Ornstein and Smough as you will be their B****
Bring a change of underwear
3 years ago#12
TatooineOutcast posted...
I read the sticky, but still the game feels so big and overwhelming. What advice would you give a new player that you wish you knew when you started?

1, Knowledge is Power: If you are having a difficult time with the game, watching a LP of the section you are in to get a gist of what you need to do or need to obtain can be invaluable.

2. Pyromancy: Get it. Regardless of what your build is, Pyromancy is almost always universally useful. Make a priority to upgrade the glove first.

3. Upgrading: Weapon upgrading should be a priority over stat upgrading as the results of which will be seen more easily.

4. Stat Allocation: Since this your first time through focusing on Vitality and Endurance will help out a ton. Resistance is useless so don't touch it. Only upgrade Str/Int/Dex/Faith if you are looking to use something in particular.

5. Take it Slow: Dark Souls punishes recklessness and in general it is best to walkthrough areas that are unfamiliar slowly, taking in the enemy placement and potential traps.

6. Relax: It doesn't matter if you just lose 10k souls and 6 humanity. You can gain all of that back easily enough. It isn't worth throwing your controller against the wall and raising your blood pressure. The game is punishing but the risks aren't that bad as soon as you realize the soul loss doesn't hurt as much as you might think it does.
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3 years ago#13
GreatKiraLord posted...
Be patient

Yeah, be patient but also know when to be aggressive. It takes some time to learn when to attack and how many attacks you should get in before returning to a defensive posture. Once you've learned how to fight the game opens up and it's amazingly fun to play.
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3 years ago#14
Praise The Sun
3 years ago#15
Don't die
3 years ago#16
-Always make sure your weapons are fully upgraded. The difference between an unmodified Scimitar and a Scimitar +5 is drastic at low levels. Same goes for every other weapon.

-Throwing Knives are great for getting a single enemy's attention. (A bow is even better)

-There is no randomness to enemy placement or equipment. There will always be 3 hollow warriors and a hollow soldier inside the guard-tower in Undead Burg. There will always be 3 Balder Knights inside the Main Church of Undead Parish. Once you've been ambushed you have the fore knowledge of what to expect.

-Attack when it's safe. This is particularly important if you're going for heavier weapons and you don't have any Poise from armor.

-Experiment with every weapon you can, both one-handed and two-handed styles. Every weapon in the game is different. Also be aware that there are 3 types of damage: Striking (blunt object), Slashing, Piercing. These DO matter. If a weapon seems particularly weak when you first try it out, it might be the enemy you're testing it out on.
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3 years ago#17
Always be aware of your surroundings. Nothing is as simple as it seems.
3 years ago#18
Prepare to die
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3 years ago#19
No scopess everythingZZZZ LIKE A baWsss
3 years ago#20
- Play offline if you're going to be human
- Pyromancy is the fastest way to become really OP
- Get 99 Throwing Knives before you head to Blighttown
- Shield + Spear is very effective early on
- Poison Arrows help against some tough enemies
- The Hydras are practically harmless once you get within range
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