Fashion Souls: Champions edition - Gimme your coolest looking armor set/combo

#31Xristo702Posted 11/21/2012 8:08:48 PM
BoozeHound59 posted...

How do people get screenshots like this?
#32zyrax2301Posted 11/21/2012 8:11:26 PM
How come? Purple is [probably] overrated.

I don't see in black and white like a lot of people think, I just can't tell certain colours apart. Sky's still blue, grass is still green, etc
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So sad, poor little zyrax getting bullied by the bigger, older kids. No one to look out for him because he smells of beer all the time and the children do not like that smell. All alone in a purpleless world.

Poor little zyrax.
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Why? Because **** you is why.
#35shadowsofdawnPosted 11/21/2012 8:22:29 PM
When I really want to look sexy (and get all of the hot b****** in Lordran), I wear my clubbin' gear: Smoughs/Smoughs/Smoughs/Smoughs

Can't touch that.
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#36IostarsPosted 11/21/2012 9:41:10 PM(edited)
My favorite:

Head: None (well, maybe Pharis' Hat)
Chest: Painting Guard Robe
Arms: Black/Silver Knight Gauntlets
Legs: Black Iron Leggings

Minimalist, lean outfit that also look casually stylish IMO. My character have a Large Upper Body and the muscle-fitted Robe complement his look perfectly.

edit: just noticed that it's pretty much the same look as the TC's set. Looks like we have the same taste, brah =)
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nmbuser posted...
fathers mask/naked/naked/travelers boots

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#38Takeda123Posted 11/21/2012 9:22:14 PM
- Elite Knight Armor set

- Moonlight Greatsword

- Crest Shield
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#39TorebackulaPosted 11/21/2012 9:28:24 PM
Xanthous douche head
Moonlight robes
Catarina gloves
Smough legs

Trollimus maximus.
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#40Dek757Posted 11/21/2012 9:35:07 PM
Head: Elite knight
Body: Hard leather
Hands: Eastern gauntlets
Legs: The dlc guardian armor.
This is my favorite armor combo to run around in. Looks so sick imo.