Need opinion on this build for pyromancer

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SL 125
Pike user
Giant set
Basically this person focused on the more unpopular stat and equipments to tank which I thought was interesting.
4 years ago#4
You know that with 24 str you're almost in the soft cap for two handed str scaling (27) and str weapons does not suffer for split damage, right? because the dude, hope is not you, is talking about 0 investment in damg stats and getting the damage from his stuff instead and he have 24 freaking str points...

Also, this build is very old and was popular before elemental weapons nerf.
4 years ago#5
Despite what you may have heard somewhere or thought you heard or anything like that, resistance is useless, and the higher your level, the more useless it is. The amount of health you save from having more defense from resistance is way less than the health you gain from putting those points into Vitality. Directing people to put points into resistance is a waste of time. Even one point is a waste.
4 years ago#6
^Thank you for your opinion. I am new to Dark Soul and was just looking around for a nice pyromancer build.
4 years ago#7

Use this site to plan builds, it's awesome and you can see what leveling does
4 years ago#8
You don't really need to make a build specifically for Pyromancy, it was designed so that pretty much anybody could use it on any character, with the only restriction being the Attunement stat (you need slots to put the spells in).

So my best suggestion is to put your Att at 16 for 4 slots or 19 for 5 slots. Wear some light armor, wear the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and you're all set. Good Pyromancies are Great Combustion, Great Fireball, Firestorm or Fire Tempest, and Black Flame (DLC only).
4 years ago#9
Seraphie92 posted...
^Thank you for your opinion. I am new to Dark Soul and was just looking around for a nice pyromancer build.

This is known as a Quality Pyro. It named after the quality weapon branch in Demon's souls that was known for scaling with both dex and str equally, and pyro for being the main magic for this build.The 45 dex and 30 str allow you to use just about any non magic or faith weapon, with having the bare minimun for health and stamia. The 28 att is a edit of mine,since i think having atleast 4-5 slots is mandatory if you want a "true" spell centric build, and not just a buff build. Feel free to take away from att if you want.

this alow you to do considerble damage(Magic and physical) without investing into another stat, and the 45 dex/30ish str allow you to play with almost ANYTHING.
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4 years ago#10
Also, the path he suggest seems pretty noobish, seriously exist anyone which does not speed run through the game? buying pikes for PvE? upgrading a pike to raw for sens fortress? what the hell is this guy...

If you plan on getting your str to 24 and not getting more than 10 dex, then; parish, drake sword, save on blacksmith bonfire, kill gargoyles, ring the bell, teleport back to bonfire, pump str, buy weapon smithbox, shortcut to blightown, get the great club, kill Queelag, ring the bell, teleport back to andre, upgrade GC to + 5, make sens, get to anor londo second bonfire, run to the giant blacksmith, buy 6-10 twinkling titanites, kill him, get the hammer, teleport back, kill O&S, and you're good to go.

Then, start buying pikes and s**t.
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