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Dark Souls is more than just a game (Archived)
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Build Idea- Freddy Kreuger as Portrayed in Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (Archived)d3blcknit3610/16 7:25PM
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Let me get this straight (May contain spoilers O_o) (Archived)
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So we all agree Seath is the evilest scumbag in this game (Archived)
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Could this game have been any worse? (Archived)
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Need a long term faith build (Archived)
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What's more fun: a 2h sword build or a rapier/buckler build? (Archived)Radiatron610/15 5:35PM
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Darkmoon Blade, 30 or 40 FTH? (Archived)Lupin137710/15 4:36PM
First time playing, my build is a total mess (Archived)
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SOOO COSPLAY EVENT OCT-25 and 26... Why Not? (Archived)
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Any1 else experiencing psn issues? or did i get banned/hacked? (Archived)x_Scrubzilla_x510/14 8:16PM