This Game > Black Ops?

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Still looking for the Desert Eagle hidden in the DLC.
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No Riot Shield in Dark Souls, so that counts against it.
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Well, in Black Ops it's more of an arcade shooter, whereas Dark Souls is a slow methodical shooter. It's also 3rd person, by the way.
In my opinion, you should get black ops because From Software really had no idea what they were doing with this game.

Lolololo i laughed so hard all my organs are on my table. You have NO idea where you are talking about. EVERY cod game is the same, save for some new maps. Every game has bugs, you can't blame from for that, they have made 2 of the best (my opinion) games for the ps3 ever.

No sh*t, from seeing a flatmate playing both, BO and BO2 are practically identical.

Have you seen mw2 and mw3.. Even worse than Bo
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Dissonance2003 posted...
No Riot Shield in Dark Souls, so that counts against it.