Underrated weapons?

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4 years ago#1
Started a new guy with +15 longsword, currently going to fight chris farley and david spade (smough and ornstein). Just wondering is there any weapons that aren't conventionally used?
Deeper Than Purple.
4 years ago#2
Armed to the teeth with energy cannons, katanas and assault rifles...
4 years ago#3
Used it in my previous playthrough :/
Deeper Than Purple.
4 years ago#4
I can only think of the Hand-Axe and the Pike...not many use it but is a pretty decent weapon
4 years ago#5
"When your wallet is ashes, then you will have my permission to die."-Tetsuya Nomura
4 years ago#6
The plain Greatsword, and the Partizan. Partizan is cool for its moveset.
Chikubi ga itai. Hontou ni- Mattaku kayuku itai. Bakuzen to aamondo to niru...
4 years ago#7
Butcher Knife? I use it on my Strength/Faith build, and i love it! I'm on NG+7 now, & it's been good the whole way through :) Except vs Four Kings (imo). I usually switch to my Large Club in that fight as it deals a great deal more damage.
4 years ago#8
Thanks for the suggestions guys! Trying out the warpick and partizan since i'm basically going for a dex build. Butcher's knife is pretty cool, might do another guy for it.
Deeper Than Purple.
4 years ago#9
Giants Blacksmith Hammer
4 years ago#10
Broken Straight Sword Hilt.
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