Forget the BB glitch...

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4 years ago#1
It was making us all weak anyway...

I want a Re-spec option... I think that would address most of if not all the legit arguments for the BB Glitch. From could make it an option at the firelink bonfire, and hold players in that area until all points have been re-assigned.
This would mean quick, easy change out for PVP, and make it so the low level griefers actually have to play through the game at a low level if they want to harass noobs.

I also want From to fix the DLC flashing glitch -- It's annoying. And while they're at it, they should make it so we can give covenant items in bulk.
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4 years ago#3
No, it world remove all re-playability.

I think it would be a bad idea and I probably wouldn't have played this game as much as I have if it had a respec option.
4 years ago#4
And shields on your bac...
4 years ago#5
I think you should just start every game with all stats, all items, all spells, and all equipment maxed out. Then everyone could make all their builds in five minutes and quit playing altogether.
4 years ago#6
You know what? Let's just remove PvE. Isn't that the burden that everyone must go through to PvP?

Then we can make it so they are set stages and you can purchase items based on experience, level etc.

I think we should just tailor the entire experience to the people who only play it to PvP. Better yet, let's just remove stats, because don't they just hinder builds from being created? Why not just have weight requirements, that's it. You can use all weapons, spells etc, but you'd only have slots available. That would be the best idea.

Hell, why even call it [---] Souls?
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4 years ago#7
... applies charcoal pine resin to topic
4 years ago#8
PvE is what draws people in.
PvP is what keeps people playing.
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4 years ago#9
@ tln -- I get that too somtimes... need to build a new character cause I'm tired of this one's face.

@ London -- Re-playability is not an issue for people with PVP builds... because they're PVP... ing -- People in it for PVE could just start new, or respec for NG + (+++++) -- THe Idea would be to let people try out different builds without forcing them to play through the whole game over and over and over. Besides it would just be an option, not a requirement.

@ R1 Masher -- R1R1R1R1R1R1R1 -- off topic

@ Solid and moodyjm2 -- thank you for you're thoughtful and logical input.
4 years ago#10
PHoToS999 posted...
PvE is what draws people in.
PvP is what keeps people playing.

Agreed, but respec is not the solution. It goes against the spirit of the series.

This is what I think should be done - a more organic level system where weight burden and items dictate your character.

For example In order to cast spells you have to have a catalyst and find or learn the spells from a teacher (as is now), but then the strength of the spells is determined by your level and the amount of times you've successfully caused damage (to avoid people shooting it against a wall). You have levels within the spells, etc with modification possible by offering Souls to the teacher. Att slots are gained from items, such a amulets or rings with max allowable by level.

VIT and END increase with level. For example, at SL100 you have the same VIT and END as any naked player at SL100, however your loadout will determine what your final totals are - wearing aWarrior Helm increases END, allowing you to hold heavier weapons versus someone that uses a Barbarian Helm that increases VIT. Sorcery helm increase casts at sake of VIT and END.

Weapons are restricted by weight and also utilize a leveling up system based on use and damage. Keep the blacksmith system that intead of changing scaling, change different properties such as weight, speed, size, different attacks.

Dual wield would also be possible, for warriors and wizards. Wizards could have an off-handing casting item, such as a book, that speeds up casting and allows more casts. 2-H wielding also has more defensive options such as feints.

Armor has weight, durability, greater difference in stamina reduction for heavy vs. light, as well as blacksmithing that changes properties (and looks) such as increased magical damage, increased dodge range, decreased critical damage,etc.
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