I'm glad you guys consider this game a JRPG

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BoozeHound59 posted...
Do you ever not **** all over TMK?

Quite often, as it happens. Though I have to ask how you came to the conclusion that naming a game was ******** on him.
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It's an ARPG, simple as that.
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Pronounce it like a word rather than an acronym. Fun stuff.
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In Tetris, you're playing the role of God and manipulating the blocks. Therefore, you are roleplaying YHVH and thus, Tetris is an RPG.
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The moonlight knight posted...
If we're going to be obtuse about "Well it's Japanese so it's a JRPG" then guess what: all games are RPGs.

Name a game where you don't PLAY a ROLE in a GAME.

i'm obtuse for pointing out words and definitions. ok. and i suppose now i'm also trolling your thoughtful contribution. whatever

i didn't come up with the term 'role-playing game', nor do i agree with its use (do you yourself? you use the term, THEN point out how broad and essentially useless it is - something i also did, btw. obtuse, eh?)

however, i do understand what 'japanese' means, and absolutely disagree with these attempts to render it to some durpistani bowdlering where it means whatever values or feelings the speaker wishes to ascribe to it

otherwise, i'm a japanese canadian, because of karakturiztix
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It's a Japanese action RPG. Simple.
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Non turn based fighting where you have complete control of your character and it allows you to allocate stats/spells/abilities I call an action rpg.

I would just say ARPG if anyone asked because in my mind that explains it enough. If I had to be specific I would say its a third person ARPG as opposed to the top down ARPG's like diablo and torchlight.

I guess if you really wanted to be specific you could say third person JARPG.
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i'm obtuse for pointing out words and definitions.

Yes. The argument you are using for the J in JRPG can also be used to render nearly all games RPGs.

The point of that being that every single aspect of "JRPG" is something of a broad, nonsensical title that doesn't specifically mean its literal definitions for each word. So for you to single out the J in that and act like okay, we HAVE to follow the exact definition of that, but RPG has extra meanings beyond the words that form it, is stupid.

However, just ignoring the genre would be dumb as well. Like it or not it's come to mean a certain kind of game, and whether it has the best name for that or not, it has an accepted definition, just as JRPG does, and Dark Souls does not fit with what a JRPG is defined as. At all.
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What a great discussion, can i join in. *Bangs head against brick wall*
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You have a head of gold. Let us break it for you like a pinata.
I am snazzier, hot, hot rant. Warily slight as.
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