I'm glad you guys consider this game a JRPG

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4 years ago#31
Dark souls is in the most technical sense an action role playing game from japan. It is certainly not similar to role playing games which are typically classified as jrpgs. Titles such as: final fantasy, shin megami, persona, pokemon and dragon quest are what come to mind for most when the jrpg genre is mentioned, not demons souls or dark souls.

I'm unsure as to why the TC is so hung up on semantics or is so interested in categorizing dark souls as a certain genre type. His own argument oftoastedmuffin89 posted...

trolls don't want xbox to have a good JRPG or something.
fights against itself. The TC clearly has an opposing agenda of badly wanting the xbox to have more "jrpgs" for some nebulous reason. As I said before, dark souls is a jrpg only in the most narrow use of the term, its an rpg created by Japanese people. Its certainly not what most would think of when the term jrpg is used.

Don't know why you are worried about the number of jrpgs on the xbox. Here are a few good ones, not typically a huge jrpg fan myself BUT these games are certainly not bad: resonance of fate, lost odyssey, the last remnant, and infinite undiscovered. There are probably more, but those all fit the bill of being closer to what people think of when the term jrpg is brought out.
4 years ago#32
I certainly wouldn't call it a jrpg. The term jrpg carries with it a certain formula that is distinctive which is completely lacking in dark souls - which is more or less a straight up action rpg. It would be meaningless to acknowledge a sub-genre purely on the region it was developed, by its very definition a genre is characterised by a certain form or content.
4 years ago#33
The moonlight knight posted...
i'm obtuse for pointing out words and definitions.

Yes. The argument you are using for the J in JRPG can also be used to render nearly all games RPGs.

The point of that being that every single aspect of "JRPG" is something of a broad, nonsensical title that doesn't specifically mean its literal definitions for each word. So for you to single out the J in that and act like okay, we HAVE to follow the exact definition of that, but RPG has extra meanings beyond the words that form it, is stupid.

However, just ignoring the genre would be dumb as well. Like it or not it's come to mean a certain kind of game, and whether it has the best name for that or not, it has an accepted definition, just as JRPG does, and Dark Souls does not fit with what a JRPG is defined as. At all.

asinine post is asinine
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4 years ago#35
The arguments for calling it a JRPG are laughably weak and nonsensical. The cognitive dissonance makes me wonder if I stumbled into a Republican rally. ( 'o')
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4 years ago#36
Oh this old argument again. Just because the game is from Japan does not make it a jRPG. Genres refer to tropes, themes, gameplay mechanics, etc., not country of origin. People arguing otherwise either do not understand the origin of jRPG (formerly console RPG) and western RPG (formerly PC RPG), or are just deluded fanboys trying to claim Dark Souls and Demon's Souls as proof of the jRPG genre not being a stagnant cesspool (for the most part.)
-NGW- (King of NGG)
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4 years ago#37
Take a look at these videos here:


What genre are those two games?
-NGW- (King of NGG)
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4 years ago#38
4 years ago#39
toastedmuffin89 posted...

Like polls have never been wrong before, let alone ones posted on GameFAQs.

So yeah, those videos I posted. What genre are the games in them?
-NGW- (King of NGG)
Now Playing: Dark Souls (PS3/PC), Demon's Souls (PS3), Dragon's Dogma (PS3), Just Cause 2 (PC), Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (PC)
4 years ago#40
no, sorry, but it's the deluded fanboys who consider 'jrpg' to be a 'genre', with closeted, rigidly defined 'karakturiztix'. it leads to a useless, narrow definition that entails the absurdity of denying that a role-playing game from japan is indeed a japanese role-playing game, because 'karakturiztix'. i shouldn't have to spell out how stupid that is

not to mention you're pigeon-holing and stereotyping games by nationality. when this is done with people as subject, we tend to react negatively, calling it racism. and this tends to extend to the products of a people - to call another peoples language 'moon-speak', for example, would be offensive. this stereotyping of games by region is the same sort of close-minded, half-assed thinking that only seeks to negate the actual variety of its subject. it's just shameful
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