Is power within any good?

#11Tr1pLe-Posted 12/4/2012 12:47:47 PM
Aporia_Mage posted...
I don't think I've ever lost to anyone using pw.

It looks good on paper, but all it really does is make your opponent play hyper-evasively. In your turn, you will have to play ultra-aggressively, which usually ends up with you being countered and whittled down, ultimately dying a glorious death due to the HP drain.

I would go with another pyro. If you're boosting via crown or ring, fire surge is decent; otherwise any of the storms, more balls, gc or black flame. If you have all of those you can even use that poison mist thing as a smokescreen for fire tempest.

This, u will be better off with something else, either another stack of something or another pyro to compliment what u have