Most Skilled Player you have met?

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Scorex_VII posted...
"Bad Luck" is a mean b****. Other then that, maybe Lag.

Eh I've beaten you with the reason being lag as stated by you so I agree.
I couldn't care less...
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hemphoarder posted...
I have fought a good many of the games elite and here are my thoughts/rundown on a few:

Torebackula - Great with Pyro. Tends to spam.
Bombaynugz- Unlocked playstyle is difficult to counter. Didn't quite live up to the hype.
Gatewaytohell- Some of my most fun matches have been with him. He plays dex pyro very well and is always a challenge.
HK- Meh
TFone6- Another fun one to duel. I love that his pyro build uses a broadsword so I have to give respect to that:)
Crein Crein - This guy uses all magic like no one else I have come across. His timing is very good and I only beat him once out of several matches.
Pepero Tom -Can't beat him that's all I have to say about it lol. I utilize the same type of playstyle as he does but he simply does it better.

Anyways... Lets hear about some of your experiences!

Im honored. But i suck.
Played jumi, pep, pinkmage, hk, tore n the others on DkS.
Grey, pink, himen, kitty, etc on des. DeS has more monsters, due to the fact the skill differnce can be so much greater what with movesets, counters, cancels, and etc actually mattering.
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Your right about gatewaytohell. My matches with him have always been fun. We both roll pyro so there's a lot of fire flinging.

We had one match where we did nothing but fling fireballs at eachother.
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In all seriousness, the best players I've met are jumilaattori, pepock, and Now_even_score.

These three stand out for me as just being a bit special - I have many regular duelling buddies who are all great, but I don't think they would disagree with me here.

Jumi plays the way I would like to play. Pep's 256 streak speaks for itself. The third guy I met ages ago in the Burg, and he was recently 8 or something on the leaderboards - the most defensive, trollish, try hard guy I've ever fought, but a damn fun opponent for all that.
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I haven't run into alot of the hardcore PVP'ers on the board, but these guys have all beat me pretty badly

Pep-puruvian flu (Sp) -- Ripostes everything -- beat me with claws and Dragon Bow a bunch of times

Bombaynugz -- Roll BS... loves: Claymore, MoM

Sleepydwarf - (yes you) -- I was crushing randoms in the Burg with my Zwei build a couple weeks ago. I was all cocky and undefeated, and then this guy beat me 3-4 times in a row

Absolute Best player I ran into was in the Dukes Archives-- PSN was like MidgetMaster or something.
Beat me like 10 times in a row all while switching out basically every heavy weapon in the game and rocking the naked fast roll.
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Ah, the Fight Club chat were good times.
The only people I have fought are the people who frequent the board; good fun for sure (most of them beat my a** too). Never had a chance to fight Jum or Pep or any Twitch people or YouTube people though.
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Cvdf3 posted...
Ah, the Fight Club chat were good times.
The only people I have fought are the people who frequent the board; good fun for sure (most of them beat my a** too). Never had a chance to fight Jum or Pep or any Twitch people or YouTube people though.

I love the chat - I'll always be in it when I'm online. Lost my tv remote atm though :(
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xX_juggaloSLAYER_Xx was too pro couldn't get past his havel shield
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256 win streak??? Wow what is that about??
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Fight club talk and I don't even get a honorable mention. Today really sucks. Anyways many of the names listed already are pretty good but I'm not going to say they are the best. Some people are good but exploit bses so much that it's their crutch. I feel a properly executed bs is something to pity as opposed to something to celebrate, my opinion. Anyway I'll give crein crein credit for being brutal with his magic. Gateway is always just a fun fight. I'm giving photos some props here for being brutal in pve. Seriously the guy took on special K NG+ with me and didn't take one hit(technically I was with him but screw semantics.)
Alainvey gets an honorable mention here as well. The reason none of you are the best is simply because 9 out of 10 times I see you guysuse the same weapons and moves. Little room outside that comfy box? Tone down the competitiveness and up the sportsmanship just a notch or two.