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ITT: Post your character/file names

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User Info: Stalolin

4 years ago#1
AMERICA, orbnus and Ted.

User Info: AdaSandwich

4 years ago#2
Leon, Sherry, and Ada from Resident Evil
And Sakamoto as the outcast :P

User Info: Stalolin

4 years ago#3
From: AdaSandwich | #002
Ada from Resident Evil

Ha, I had a female character in this I called Ada. Didn't mention it though because I deleted the file (low level, wanted to start again).

User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#4
ALL of my characters are named C (though I only have one character currently, also named C).
This is pretty much true for any game that lets you name your character, ever since Morrowind I think
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User Info: nubs222

4 years ago#5
One character,. Named after me.
PSN: The_Despair_

User Info: devilman108

4 years ago#6
DIEEEEEEEE - Hardcore Str Character (Dual wielding Demon Great Machetes for ****s and giggles)

BATOO00oo00OOO -
Hotel California is the greatest song there ever was. It will never grow old.
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User Info: m415mike

4 years ago#7
Mikael: My first ever character. Scandinavian spelling of my name.

Leeroy: A strength/faith build. A paladin, obvious reference.

Sterling: A low level build centered around co-op and built upon the Avelyn, Ricard's rapier, and the leo ring. Named so because of the show Archer, and Archer is a reference to him using a crossbow.

Penetrator: A reference to the DS boss. Named so because he is a pickaxe build with the leo ring.

Liam Neeson: An extremely low level build made specifically for helping low-level people out. Named so because I like to imagine him as the main character in Taken helping people out.

Silver Boss: A Silver Knight cosplay build.

Colm: A dex build, a reference to the game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He was a thief in that game.

Jaysus: Pure faith build.

Those are only my characters I can remember. I'm sure I have more still saved, and definitely many that were deleted.

User Info: haarlem1982

4 years ago#8
Pyro, Dex, Faith, Mule, Str, Qua, Int, Dint, and 2 others i'm not sure about.
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User Info: brumey

4 years ago#9
King Nito: SL11 gravelord +3 in NG+
Sun Knightres: SL42 faith only princess guard
Hektor: SL89 40STR build
Esmiralda: SL30 INT only mage
forest dude: SL45 VIT gouge elemental PW forest invader
shiva's sister: SL165 fast roll melee only shiva cosplay darkmoon blade+3 with DMB buff
Lucy: SL135 DEX INT
Salomon: SL9 elemental garg halberd (my former mule)

too much i cant remember them all now

i also have:
SL101 dragonoid +3 STR34 DEX24 FTH30
SL60 chaos blade pyromancer w 5 attune slots

User Info: Snizlito

4 years ago#10
Dumbslut- SL70 invader
Sneakie Sallie- SL258 darkmoon blade
Holly Mollie- SL33 sun sista
Raven-SL127 pvp
Meechelle-SL99 arena
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