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4 years ago#11
Red - my first character

Duck - my current quality-ish pyro build that I'm working on

Butt - my blue skinned female character with a fish face and a large nose. It'll be used for making people throw up then I'll beat them when they're distracted!!!!
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I drew this picture:
4 years ago#12
Saul, Vincent, Argus, Argus (forgot I had someone named Argus when I made a second Argus), and Taka
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4 years ago#13
I generally don't put much thought into names since they can't be seen online, but my pvp faith guy was named Cleetus.
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4 years ago#14
Bleebs - 40/40 Quality
Neebs - 50 Faith Sunbro
Fleebs - 50 STR Tox/Poison guy
Gleebs - 50 Faith Merry Monk
TegMcFloggin - SL10 Trolling jerkhole
Conan - Conan the Barbarian RP build to beat your face in

The others are blank for now but will be invariably filled in with some other -eebs character:

Future plans:

All four are RP builds of a sort as that is what I think is sexy at the moment
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4 years ago#15
Seņor Stinkor

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4 years ago#16
nubs222 posted...
One character,. Named after me.
4 years ago#17
Ellis - sl179 dex/int PvE/trophy character
Falkner - sl64 int griefing
Lacerne - sl54 int glass cannon
Maximillian - sl125 dex/faith
Maeleena - sl125 quality pyro
BBMule - mule
Harlech - sl125 sks/pyro
Ciaran - sl125 cospvp
Ornstein - sl125 cospvp
Artorias - sl125 cospvp
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4 years ago#18
On my omgAmaskHERPDERP account:

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4 years ago#19
Ace, Aela, Ebby are my main accounts ( str, magic and dex)
And i have a lot of other characters with lame names.
Summoning failed
4 years ago#20
Dex pyro
Pure dex
Dex fai
Dex int
Pyro quality
Pure quality
Pure str
Str fai
Fai int
Go Big Red 10-3 bruh
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