I can't find a thread on this but I didn't look hard. How do I "Do" the DLC?

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Oh you guuuuuys!

TC, Dusk is the princess of Oolacile. To save her you have to kill the hydra in Ash Lake. I think it was Ash Lake...

I was gonna say that that would make sense because I'd never been there, but the wiki says she's after the Hydra in Darkroot Basin, which I've killed tons of times and I remember that stretch of river and being baffled that nothing was over there.

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Oh gee even videos!
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Oh, and may I just mention that this is the most obtuse form of social interaction I've come across.

We have 20 threads over Dark Souls II filling to the brim with social interaction because we really don't have much to go on for the next game but want to talk about it anyway.

Instead you ask for something which is easily found on this forum and on other places.
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I don't get the need for people to be asses on the internet. It literally makes the world a little worse. Go away, trolls.
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Kill Hydra.
Walk along the left side of the water.
Enter cave. Notice empty.
Save, Quit, Reload.
Golden Golem that wasn't there before now is.
Kill it.
Save Dusk.
Go to Duke's Archive.
Get Pendant.
Go back to cave.
Die a lot.
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I don't get the need for people to be asses on the internet. It literally makes the world a little worse. Go away, trolls.

You know what's even worse?

That one guy who is in front of you in line at a help desk, asking a question that is literally the first thing on the FAQ plaque. Asking a living person who knows the answer is right there on the wall, and gets this dirty look from that one guy because he tries to tell him it's on the wall.

"But I want to ask a person."

Everyone, ask yourself.

Do I want to be that one guy?
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The only person out of line in this topic is TC. Go to a highway rest area after 2 am if you want human interaction.
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to the Hydra.
Kill it.
Go around the left side till you reach the cave.
Quit and reload.
Kill the golem but do NOT kill the chick that pops out of it.
Talk to her bro, she's lonely.
Say yes.
Go back to the shore line and go to the boulder.
Quit and reload.
Grab the summon sign on the ground.
Talk to her, she's a princess.

Go to the archives.
Go up the elevator directly after the first bonfire.
Kill everything in the room.
Kill the golem in the room.
Broken pendant is an auto loot.

Go back to the cave where you rescued dusk.
Touch the sticky black fog and get that hand going.
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