Dark Souls 2: Monster Hunter Souls?

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AlbinoCrocodile posted...
Big deal.

Just doing whatever I can to rile up the community, ma'am.
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holy SHIIIIIIIETTT NOO WAY omg monster hunter is my favorite game... i love dark souls and demon souls my life will be complete
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megaultrarice34 posted...
On the plus side, it could mean that Dark Souls 2's world could be freaking huge

With loading points between each area? I already hate that in Monster Hunter!
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I don't mind a MH person being behind the combat, but MH isn't exactly a PvP game. I hope he can do a good job on improving the PvP aspects.

*sneaks behind you with hammer uppercut charging*

*Blasts all of Dark Souls 2 back to Demon's Souls with Gunlance*