What Modern Weapons Could 1HKO Most Bosses in DkS?

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4 years ago#21
AlbinoCrocodile posted...

Go Big Red 10-3 bruh
4 years ago#22
AlbinoCrocodile posted...

Makes sense.
4 years ago#23
How about those high-tension wires that Walter uses in Hellsing?

They seem to be absurdly deadly, even if they are made of lies.
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4 years ago#24
Force the boss to ingest 2 or 3 scoops of NanoVapor pre-workout. I took one scoop and thought my head was going to explode.
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4 years ago#25
gernades, 50cal sniper rocket launcher,and many many more
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4 years ago#26
Science. It could blind people in the 80s, surely it can do more now.
4 years ago#27
Rasendori124 posted...
50. Cal Sniper Rifle can take out tBoC easily due to range and penetration capabilities. You just need to worry about not dislocating your shoulder

Speaking of range and penetration capabilities.


Heh, get it...?

I'm talkin about my junk, and it one shots Gwynevere every time
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4 years ago#28
PSN: orphanjohn/OrphanFromdabloc
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4 years ago#29
BombayNugz posted...
Chuck norris, my junk, nuke.

Chuck Norris wouldn't make it past the Asylum Demon.
Fortune and glory kid. Fortune and glory.
4 years ago#30
Bladed leek submachine-guns loaded with explosive rounds.
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