What Modern Weapons Could 1HKO Most Bosses in DkS?

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^ Poor form.

However, there is one weapon greater than all the rest.
Doesn't need ammo, doesn't need space, doesn't have cooldown.
It's like Dark bead as dexterity approaches infinity and resistance approaches luck.
It's the twilight zone with all the sparkle.
It's the pie without the lie.

It's the muthabuckin' party cannon.
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The shamwow guy.

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Finn & Jake


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Toxic avenger.
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disgel. you spray it, tho. no grenade form. melts organics. that'd take care of everything but iron golem and 4kings

whatever star wars/tesla array was used to reduce the wtc to so much dust could take em all at once

then HAARP could be used to induce an earthquake and bury lordran forever
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A guided missile will pretty much own everything in this game.

Something that would be a lot of fun to use would be claymore mines. Of the carnage. Ganking wouldn't be automatic. Mine the spawn. Reap the rewards.
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Lightsaber. It'd be hard to move around though considering the tons of machinery you need to make even a small one...
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