If this game was easier...

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Fo_lc_us posted...
Titanite-Demon posted...
Nope. Don't see it.

Yeah.... No.

It's just my opinion.
Like yours is any better than mine.
Mine isn't better than yours either.

Because, you know, preferences.

I am right.

All of you are wrong.

This is true because this topic is an opinion, not an objective analysis.

If it were objective, the arguments of other people would have merit.

Of course, the simple preface of "in my opinion" does wonders for comprehension.

"In my opinion, the story is bad."

"OK, thank you. In my opinion it is good."

But nooo, we have to pass our opinions off as fact. Which you can't do with such an open ended thing as storytelling.

Some people will find the Lord of the Rings good, some will find it bad.

Some people will find Skyrim good, some will find it bad.

As long as the people who think it is good/bad don't try to change the opinions of others.

Because some people can like Dark Souls' story. Which, for some reason, get's some people all hot and bothered.

Meh, enjoy this thread while you all can.

We've seen many of them in every game.

Yes. This.

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Basically TC is saying Dark Souls sucks because he doesn't like to read to learn the story of the game and that there are a lot of enemies trying to kill him.

No really, one of his two actual points about why he doesn't like the game is that things are trying to kill him. In a video game.
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TheCurseX2 posted...
Skyrim has a point to it.

Everything in Dark Souls has none. You could play through this game and still have no idea what the point of it all was by the time you reach the final boss.

It's just a game! The point is to play it, and have fun.
It seems that you can't enjoy it, because it doesn't hold your hand or shove a story down your throat. That doesn't make it a bad game; that just means you have a terrible imagination.
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TC would prefer a game where he can find tons of useless books lying around for him to read, like the Lusty Argonian Maid.
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Nevermind, you guys simply do not *get* it.
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Went back and read TC's complaint. I just can't see how Skyrim has more of a point as a game than Dark Souls. I suppose we just have fundamentally different ideas about how a story can be told or even what a good game mechanic is.
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Awesome tale, sis.

Go back to fapping over Lili.
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Poor trolling from TC, but I'm agree about that if this wasn't the fetish game of wannabe hardcore elitist it never have worked so much.
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I never understood the appeal of trolling. I mean, I don't go to the Mario boards pointing out what lousy games they are. I just don't get the appeal.
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Can't we all just enjoy the games we like and not pointlessly bash other consoles and games and become more like /v/ each day?

Oh wait...
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