I think I'm gonna quit I don't want to get pissed off every 5 minutes.

#1Flamechamp2333Posted 12/17/2012 6:52:18 PM
I've only attempted to fight the gargoyle boss twice. I was hoping obtaining the drake sword from the dragon's tail would make the next couple fights a breeze and the game really, but it didn't.

I've only attempted the gargoyle boss twice. I'm not even pissed off or frustrated, but I can tell this is going to happen OVER and OVER. Even if I do manage to kill this boss, 5 minutes later I'll have to go through it again.

I stopped attempting the gargoyle boss and went into the forest and got 2 shooted by a faerie dragon or something. This game is just ******* ridiculous. I have the best weapon in the game by far at this point in the game and it still doesn't matter.

I'll stand by what I have said over and over, the devs designed this game lazily and just want monsters and bosses to do way too much damage. Its not a unique game. Anybody can design a game to take off most of a health bar. Halo and Call of duty would be unique if they made enemies do as much damage as Dark Souls.

I'm going to stop asking how to dupe in this game. I cannot play something that tries to piss people off. Its not a video game. It really isn't.
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Stop SUcking Less Or More.
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So then.....what about the rest of us that played the game fair and square with not too much trouble?
BTW, to dupe, you need to have played the game significantly for duping to work.
Oh, did you realize you can summon TWO NPCs for that fight? (Gargoyle)
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This is also sad.

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I used to get mad at games too man and one time I just stopped being mad. Dead serious. I realized why am I playing the game? To play it. Not just beat, because then it's over.

Also, if you are going to get mad I agree, you should get rid of the game. If you don't like it don't play it. Play something you enjoy playing.
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#7lucky_sharm19Posted 12/17/2012 6:58:02 PM
That's unfortunate. If you really want an easier battle then just turn into human form and summon Solaire. His summon sign is right in front of the fog gate where you fight the boss.

But really, the Gargoyles aren't that hard at all. Just read their patterns and dodge their attacks accordingly.
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Why does it seem like I'm the only new player who doesn't want to be spoiled/win only because of cheats?
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Wow! I feel like an awesome gamer now... Can't wait til mah reunion, that'll show 'em, show 'em all... Woop woop
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For me, my first time was pretty rough too because I didn't understand the whole stamina concept that when you run out of it, you can't attack, block, roll, or run. I found that out the hard way on the Taurus Demon.
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