Dark Souls 2: "Covenant-exclusive" weapons, armor, magic, and areas!!!!

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Wouldn't that be awesome?

I remember not long after Dark Souls came out, people were praising how awesome the game was...but a few gripes about the "uniqueness" of the covenants.

People were hoping that there would be waaaaay more motivation to commit to one covenant, and be rewarded significantly for doing so.

You could sample each covenant "too easily" and get all the rewards for each. And it just kinda made you feel noncommittal in the end.

Wouldn't it be nice if, in Dark Souls 2, you get ridiculously unique rewards for committing to one covenant?

For instance, committing to the spider clan for the majority of the game....climbing the ranks...and eventually you unlock a spell that ONLY spider-clan members can use. If you leave the covenant for ANY reason, the spell is useless. And if you try to join the clan again, you gotta start climbing the ladder again to get the spell back.

Take it a step further, weapons, armor....and even entire areas of the game.

This would frustrate people, but it's not like ALL of you haven't spent hundreds of hours on this game as it is. It would be more motive to try new paths in the sequel. And I think you'd all love it more for it.

Imagine that sealed doorway....faintly glowing behind some corrupt mutant king on his throne........and only after committing to his covenant for dozens of "soul levels".....he finally grants you access. And there's an enormous level behind that door, with a nasty optional boss that's harder than the final boss...with more loot than you'd know what to do with.

Ohhhhh, t'would be so awesome.

EDIT: Why do I have the feeling that this is going to turn into an argument already?
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Too casul.
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Covenants should have perks.
#4GreenKnight127(Topic Creator)Posted 12/21/2012 6:29:14 PM
Yeah, and those "perks" should be exclusive weapons, armor, magic, and areas to explore.

And you should only be able to use/access them while you are in that specific covenant.

If you leave the covenant....they go bye bye.
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Your topic title is misleading :(

Next time, just make it something which doesnt scream 'GUISE NEW INFO COME CHECK IT OUT!!!' :D
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it'd be awesome if all these topics would stay on the DkS2 board.
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Dark Souls is one of my favorite games, but it's pretty apparent that covenants are one of the things that did not get finished before the game was released.

There's a few interesting ideas, but outside getting various items/spells you could completely disregard them and not miss out on much of the game. Way of the White doesn't even have a purpose other than supposedly helping you get invaded less. But you can still be invaded so yeah... that's real useful (not srs)
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Oh_Hello posted...
it'd be awesome if all these topics would stay on the DkS2 board.

worthless response.
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GreenKnight127 posted...
Oh_Hello posted...
it'd be awesome if all these topics would stay on the DkS2 board.

worthless response.

Actually even if a bit sarcastic, it was still worth saying this topic about a game called Dark Souls 2 would have been more appropriate on the Dark Souls 2 message board.

So the response was worth something.
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