How would you improve the dark souls battle music for dark souls 2?

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Put the music outside of boss battles like every other decent game

get better taste

Shut it. Having no music outside boss battles is just lazy design. Dark souls feels like an indie game with its minimalistic game design.

What the hell is wrong with indie games? Figures you have no taste...

Indie games are cheap. Most people here got Dark souls for $50-$60. That's the difference. Dark Souls is pretty much a over priced indie game.

Never mind quality or anything like that...
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Two words: Skrillex.
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Ambient noise over music is a large reason why I love these games so much. A constant soundtrack would severely hurt the experience for me.

What I would like to see in the next game:

-No reused songs ala Tower Knight/Pentetrator or Asylum Demon/Taurus Demon
-One or two more fast, chaotic songs like Asylum/Taurus
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Every track should be sung my Nicki Minaj.

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Dark Souls has music?!
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