Most deadly enemies?

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2 years ago#21
Titanite Demons are despicable.
Why? Because **** you is why.
2 years ago#22
I voted for Titanite demons. The handful at the bottom of Sens, and really the respawning one in Lost Izalith seem to consistently trouble me. For the ones in Sens it's usually my own over confidence. The bugger in Izalith just seems to have my number.

On my first playthrough it was easily the black knights, though.
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2 years ago#23
shadowsofdawn posted...
I'm a pr0, but titanite demons can still f*** my s*** up.

Agreed. I own like everything but those guys are tough on me.
2 years ago#24
Titanite Demons and Sentinels are cheap with their 360 arc attacks that are very hard to dodge without a shield.
2 years ago#25
Skeleton dogs get me the most when I mess up. They got that murder 1,500+ HP attack.
2 years ago#26
They are easy to one-shot with pyromancy though.
2 years ago#27
One batwing demon is annoying but two at once can be quite tricky. Thought I'd mention them since they don't get much love.
When people say "The fact is..." they mean "My opinion is..."
2 years ago#28
God damn it. I voted Basilisk, man these guys must be popular.... wait a sec it says only 1 vote... ffffffff

On my first playthrough these were the most feared things I could imagine.
2 years ago#29
Bone wheel skellies,i cant count the number of time the caught me off guard in underground painted world.
And the black phantom versions in catacombs (0.0).
2 years ago#30
I'm really surprised with all the Titanite Demon votes, I find them to be really easy. Just stay behind their leg; and when they jump, backroll.

I use this really basic strategy for every single Demon and haven't died to one since my first playthrough.
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