If you could pick another company besides Fromsoft to make Dark Souls...

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Lives posted...
meteor6666 posted...
I gotta go with Kojima since the others have made games that absolutely bore me and have no replay ability.

I dunno, I don't think MGS has the replayability that the Souls series has. Although, it still has fairly convoluted plotlines that are entertaining :)

I'd rather have Kojima focus on another Zone of the Enders game!

Well that's why I would somewhat assume they can make a fantastic story + clearly obvious near end game 3 hour cutscene, and make a good dark/demon souls like game if they tried.
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Cant beleive you guys havent said ATLUS yet! They produced Demons Souls and god knows they develop great RPGs.
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I don't know but I sure as hell wouldn't let it be capcom. They screw everything up.
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GodsPoison posted...
Cant beleive you guys havent said ATLUS yet! They produced Demons Souls and god knows they develop great RPGs.

That's the point. They didn't produce Demon's Souls, they published it in the United States. Name one game ATLUS has actually created. It is a publisher...I don't think they've ever developed. I'd be with you hoping for it if they did though. They would probably be a solid choice... they have a good eye for details.
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SquareEnix ... And make it ATB ;)
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Treyarch. I think that, if they gave up CoD, they could make some seriously great games.
they took a chance with Black Ops 2 that paid off, i think they could handle Dark Souls well.
Otherwise, I stick with FROM.
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Atlus is a publisher not a developer, that wouldn't work
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Gearbox. Borderlands 2 is just pure quality, also there was a Dark Souls easter egg in it.
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Demon Souls was co developed by Japan Studio, who is also making Soul Sacrifice so I would go with them. And there's the fact that Demon Souls is a Sony IP. It wouldn't be too hard to believe if Sony came out with Demon Souls 2.